Your Sovereign Space

Every person has a field of energy around them. Its presence can be measured by sensitive instruments.

What is harder to measure is the effect of intention on that field. But there are ways for you to be aware of it.

For example, if someone approaches you with negative energy, you can feel it. It likely translates to an unpleasant sensation in your body. But that doesn’t happen because the person touches you. It happens because this field around you is quite sensitive most of the time.

In fact, the other person’s energy doesn’t have to be negative. If they place their awareness on you, you will feel it. You’ve had this experience when you turn to see someone looking at you.

This energy field is usually around 15 feet across. It also extends above and below you about the same distance.

From this observation, you know that this energy field has a kind of sensitivity – a kind of awareness.

But what is less obvious is that this field responds to and holds intention. Over your life it becomes a kind of library of intention. These intentions come from the outside and from the inside. In other words, your intentions are held here as well as those intentions directed towards you from others.

What are the implications of this?

First, that you have a central role in the intentions held in this field. It is, after all, centered around you. And that means your intentions carry more weight on the contents of this field than anything else can.

Secondly, because your intentions control the quality of the energy in this field, you have sovereignty over it. I refer to this field as your “Sovereign Space.”

This is a wonderful thing to be aware of. In essence, you rule the energy space around you for 7 or 8 feet in all directions.

The downside is that if you don’t exercise your free will over this space, it becomes congested, negative and unbalanced. And this imbalance can be affected by others as well as by your own thoughts and feelings. You can shift it towards balance, or you can let it drift into imbalance.

Obviously, you will feel better and have better experiences when the space around you isn’t clogged and out of whack.

You’ve already taken the first step. You can start to become more aware of this space. And when you feel off – depressed, sad, overwhelmed, angry, etc. – you can take a moment and sense what is going on in this space. Often that is enough to shift it back towards balance.

Those who attended last month’s “Step Into Freedom” class also learned a simple, but powerful technique for clearing out Sovereign Space.

I had several people tell me they wanted to attend, but their schedule didn’t allow for it. Because of this, I’m offering the class again in June.

You can learn more about the class and enroll here:

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