Why The ‘Magic Pill’ Never Works

When it comes to health, we all want to find the “magic pill.”

You know the one… take it in the evening, go to sleep and wake up with all of your ailments, diseases, aches and pains vanished forever. Wouldn’t that be great?

Heck, we don’t even care whether this magic pill is an herb, a vitamin supplement or even a pharmaceutical drug. We just want the instant results.

Every day I get email promotions with this sort of promise. Here’s a brief sample of what I mean:

  • “Eat What You Want, When You Want!” (ad for a diabetes supplement)
  • “The Cure for Cancer That Really Works!”
  • “Breathe Disease Out of Your Body!”
  • “Lose All the Weight You Want Without Dieting!”
  • “Pain Vanishes In Two Seconds Like Magic!”

Where do I sign up?

The companies offering these products are mostly reputable companies with large mailing lists. And they have well-paid legal departments that help them determine what they can and cannot say in their advertising without getting in trouble with the FTC or FDA.

But are the answers to fighting disease and reclaiming perfect health simple? The answer is yes… and no.

The reason they are simple is that you don’t need some sort of exotic (and high-priced) drug or supplement. And you don’t have to make extreme lifestyle changes. You needn’t exercise 6 hours a day, meditate 2 hours every morning or eat only watermelon for a week at a time.

In fact, by making simple, specific adjustments to your diet, your activity level and your lifestyle, you can see huge changes in health and quality of life in a relatively short time.

So yes, it really is fairly simple.

On the other hand fighting off disease and getting healthier is harder than the above headlines would lead you to believe. But the reason it’s harder is somewhat different than most people think.

Of course it requires making some changes in how you live your life. That’s not the hard part. You can make changes as quickly or slowly as you choose to. And remember that these don’t always have to be radical changes. Making changes in your life is totally in your control. And these changes are easier than you think.

No, the hardest part of eliminating disease and reclaiming your health is this: one size doesn’t fit all.

You are a completely unique individual with your own genetics, family history, thoughts, lifestyle and motivations. And although some of these may be similar to someone else in some aspects, the sum total is unique to you.

So the difficulty is that to eliminate disease and create optimal health, you have to figure out what is uniquely right for you. It can seem overwhelming.

The logical extension of this uniqueness is that there isn’t a “magic pill” that can address your individual combination of health factors. How could some mass-produced drug, supplement or herbal formula match every point of balance that makes up your pattern of health? It can’t.

However there are shortcuts to zeroing in on what will work for you.

The most important shortcut is learning to listen to your body’s signals. By getting back to a clearer awareness of what your body is telling you, you can zero in on exactly what changes help you decrease pain and other symptoms and increase your quality of life.

You can find more details about how to accomplish this in the previous posts, “Early Warning Health Signals” and “Two Kinds of Health Knowledge.”

If you really want to get good at using your body’s wisdom to create awesome health, I recommend working with a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area. You’ll cut years off your learning curve and gain the rewards of improved health much more quickly and easily with this kind of support. I’m happy to speak with you about how to do this. You can contact me by clicking this link.

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