Where Are You on the Wellness Meter?

There’s a huge difference between feeling perfectly healthy and having a total health breakdown.

In the first state, a person feels physically strong, emotionally balanced and mentally clear. In the extremes of the the second situation, a person’s body shuts down, leading to death.

Symptoms, such as physical aches and pains, poor digestion, lack of energy, etc. signal us that something is wrong. They motivate us to take action. But as you can see from the following diagram, these symptoms only show up after deeper functional imbalances become serious enough to trigger them.

Wellness Meter

You can see from this diagram that the first stage of reducing wellness (1) happens when internal and external stressors trigger functional imbalances. The signs of these stressors are subtle. We’ll go over what those stressors are in a moment.

Even though these early imbalances are subtle, it is possible to identify them using lab tests and by paying a different kind of attention to body signals.

What this illustrates is that even before a person experiences acute symptoms, if they’ve been exposed to chronic stressors they’ve already started having functional imbalances.

Once these internal functional imbalances reach a certain level, symptoms appear. This is the second stage of the process. Early symptoms are usually mild and include things like fatigue, indigestion, frequent colds, skin problems, etc.

Over time these symptoms tend to become worse, leading to pain, blood sugar issues, heart disease and other chronic health problems. Unless you reverse the process, eventually the body can no longer adapt and the person dies.

What are the external and internal stressors that set off this shift? Here’s a short list:

External (more obvious) Stressors:

  • Mental/Emotional – fear, guilt, excitement, worry, anxiety, grief, depression, financial troubles, divorce, job-related, overwork, trauma and abuse, relationship stress

  • Physical – fractures, muscle injuries, nerve compression, over-exercise, lack of sleep, chronic illness, dieting

  • Existential Angst – lack of purpose or meaning in life, hopelessness, despair

Internal (less obvious) Stressors:

  • Pathogens – Parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses

  • Accumulated Toxins – pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, toxic metals, tobacco & recreational drugs

  • Food-Related Stressors – eating wrong foods, blood sugar overload, alcohol, food additives, food allergies & sensitivities

  • Medically Caused – prescription drugs, metal in teeth

  • Structural Stress – spinal misalignments, poor ergonomics

These are all considered stressors because the body has to compensate to overcome them. When they happen over time, adaptive body mechanisms become overwhelmed casing symptoms to emerge.

Reversing this Trend

Some would argue that reduced levels of health are just a natural part of aging. And of course at some level they’re right. Everyone dies of something.

At the same time, since the alternative to getting older is death, it makes sense to think about getting older, but without feeling older.

The process for making this happen takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Rebuilding the body, starting with optimal food intake.

  2. Identifying & reducing or eliminating the causes of stress.

  3. Correcting remaining imbalances – supporting the adrenals, reducing inflammation, clearing the detoxification pathways, and building the immune system.

There are effective natural ways to accomplish each of these steps.

  1. Metabolic Typing® helps identify which foods & nutrients act as medicine to support and rebuild the body’s resiliency.

  2. Mediator Response Testing (MRT), Hair Analysis, and reviewing lifestyle factors help uncover the hidden stressors.

  3. Finally, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition locates and corrects the internal functional problems that led to symptoms in the first place.

It’s never too soon to think about catching these problems and reversing them. Although there are situations where return to 100% health is impossible, it is almost always possible to make dramatic improvements for the better.


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Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, http://BonesAndHormones,com

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