What Does Your Attitude Have To Do With Healing?

I’m always amazed by how resilient people can be.

As a case in point, I’m thinking about an 87-year-old patient of mine who came to her first visit requiring 2 people to help her into and out of the car. She couldn’t walk on her own. Her M.D. had told her to go home and ‘get her affairs in order,’ which is doctor talk for ‘get ready to die.’

Frankly, when I she first came into my office I wasn’t sure there was anything I could do.

Once we started talking I changed my mind. Within 10 minutes she was laughing and much more animated than she had been. The sparkle in her eyes had come back. I knew then that we had a good chance for her recovery.

It Shows in Your Eyes

In Chinese Medicine, the spark of aliveness that shows in someone’s eyes is called “shen,” which is often translated as “spirit.” One of the oldest and most revered Chinese medical texts, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic, says this about a person’s spirit:

“If the disease is small, but the spirit is not good, they will not improve. But, even if the disease is grave and yet the spirit is good, then the prognosis is good.”

It’s this kind of observation that tells a lot about someone’s health and their ability to heal.

The Rest of the Story

I worked with this patient over the course of 4 months months, primarily with acupuncture, herbal medicine and Metabolic Typing®. Before we were done she got to the point where she would actually dance around in the office!

I want to use the example of this patient as a reminder – for you as well as for myself – that our spark of life, our will to live life to it’s fullest, is a crucial part of succeeding in our health goals.As always, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous life…

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