The Two Ways of Looking at Food

There are two big schools of though when it comes to nutrition.

The first school says that as long as we get enough calories it does not matter where they come from. They think that the calories in a fast food meal are equal to those in an organic, home cooked meal. Let’s call this the “Food Is Food” school.

Those who follow this idea see no difference between the fast food and a home cooked meal. Their attitude is that food is food.

The other school of thought about what we eat says that it is the quality of our food that counts. They feel the amount and quality of nutrients in a meal is more important than the simple number of calories. We can call this the “Quality Matters” school.

The people in this school see a huge difference between ‘good’ calories and ‘bad’ calories.

The difference between these ways of thinking is best shown by a simple example.

You can compare food to the fuel for your car. If you have a car that runs on gasoline, you know that putting gas in your car will make it work. The engine uses the energy in the gas in the same way your body uses the calories in your food.

But some cars use diesel fuel. Diesel fuel also has energy that the diesel engine uses to run. It uses the energy in the diesel fuel in the same way your body uses calories in your food.

Even though both diesel fuel and gasoline have energy to make an engine run, it is a big mistake to think one fuel can replace the other. The type of engine using the fuel determines which fuel you should use. Anyone who puts the wrong fuel in the tank will find themselves facing a rather large repair bill.

In the same way, it is a mistake to think one source of calories is the same as another source. Just because all food has calories does not mean that it is all the same. Putting the wrong food in your body also leads to big repair bills eventually. Of course for your body, that repair bill shows up as payments to doctors.

Sadly, some doctors still hold to the “Food is Food” idea. They do not see any reason to focus on eating only high quality food.

But on a positive note, more and more doctors are getting the idea. They are starting to realize that what you eat is at least as important as how many calories it contains.

The ideal situation is balance between calories and high-quality food. Getting your calories from whole, fresh and ideally organic foods gives you the best of both worlds.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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