The Third Secret of Qigong – Movement

Time to talk about the third secret of qigong.

You use the first two secrets to focus your awareness. But focus it on what?

That’s where the third secret comes in.

For most qigong exercises, there is some movement. Generally, the movement is relaxed, but structured. Like tai ji chuan (aka tai chi), the movement can be compared to swimming on dry land.

There are exceptions to this, but they are less common. And the speed and extent of movement can vary depending on the exercise.

Here’s a simple exercise to experience how this works.

You can do this in a seated position or standing. In either case, have your spine comfortably upright. Hold your left hand up in front of you. Face the palm of your left hand to the right. Your thumb will be closest in your view.

Then raise your right hand so that it is opposite your left. Your right palm should face your left palm. Hold them a comfortable distance apart – usually this is between 6 and 12 inches.

Now, place your awareness on your left hand. Slowly begin circling your right hand while keeping it pointing at your left.

When you are relaxed and aware enough, you will notice a sensation in your left hand that matches the movement in your right. That’s your awareness and movement activating qi energy.

If you don’t feel it right away, don’t worry. For some people, relaxing enough to notice this takes time. You can experiment with moving your hands closer and further apart.

When you can feel this right-hand movement in your left hand, you have activated the first three secrets of qigong.

Next time we’ll cover the final secret.

All the best for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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