The Real Paleo…

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” ~ Robert Urich

We are not all the same.

Yes, that is an obvious statement. But this isn’t how most people think of food. It’s not even how most scientists think about it. Most people think that there is a single diet that’s right for everyone.

For example, there are the government guidelines for eating. According to them everyone should eat “X” number of servings of vegetables or meat or grains a day. And of course there are countless diets, each of which says everyone will benefit from following them.

But if we are not all the same, how can this be? It makes no sense. If you are unique, your food needs are also unique.

A popular example of this is the Paleo Diet. It is a diet based on the types of foods presumably eaten by early humans. It emphasizes meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. It excludes dairy, grains and processed food.

The basic idea is interesting. But the assumption that all early humans ate the same thing is flawed. Did early Eskimos eat the same way early Mediterraneans did? It seems unlikely.

The reality is that there was a different “paleo” diet for different groups of early humans. These differences came from location, climate and what was naturally available.

In other words, starch isn’t “bad”. Early Hawaiians had a diet that was 70% starch and carbohydrates. And they thrived on this food.

Of course you wouldn’t want to feed this diet to an ancient Eskimo. Their diet was over 90% protein and fat. They ate almost no vegetables. And the only fruit they ate was a few berries. This was the diet they thrived on.

The bottom line is this – anyone who tells you they have the “perfect” diet for you is wrong. Your best paleo diet is the one that is right for you. It is not what you read in a book.

Hopefully this comes as a relief to you. It might explain all those diets you tried that didn’t work. It wasn’t your fault… it was that the diet wasn’t right for you.

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All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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