The Other Reason To Seek Medical Help

“Prevention is better than cure” ~ Desiderius Erasmus

Serious, life-threatening illness or injury is the best reason to seek medical help.

But as you’ve learned in previous articles, modern treatments for chronic illness are lacking. In fact, they often create as many problems as they try to fix.

But there is another reason to seek qualified medical help. There are conditions that are not diagnosable diseases, but are also not you feeling your best. This loss of well-being often precedes illness by years or even decades. But if you catch it early, you can avoid the disease altogether.

Think about it this way: Your body wants to function at its best. It sends you subtle signals that tell you when things aren’t quite right. By catching those signals early, you prevent future problems. It’s like picking a weed when it’s small. At that point you can pull it out with your fingers. But if you wait until it gets much bigger, you need a chain saw and a backhoe to get rid of it.

A doctor trained in functional medicine or acupuncture and help you identify these issues. And more importantly, they can help you return to feeling your best. The result is you avoid bigger problems down the road.

What approaches work to avoid future problems? There are many. Some you can (and should) do yourself. These include:

  • Eating whole fresh food. Metabolic Typing® is an excellent way to find out what foods are best for you.
  • Exercise. Each person has unique exercise needs. It could be as simple as walking.
  • Sleep. Restful sleep is very healing. Your body restores itself naturally during sleep.
  • Finding your work / play balance. Find activities in both work and play that motivate and excite you.
  • Healthy relationships. Love and support of others supports everything else you do.

And there are also professionals who can help you keep in balance. Acupuncture and massage are outstanding for this.

Look for the next article in the series next Monday. I’m going to let the topic for this next one be a surprise.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce

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