The First Secret of Qigong

The first of the 4 secrets of qigong is, “Eyes”.

Let’s dive into what this means.

On the surface, it means that you should pay attention to where you look. In the case of most qigong exercises, you will be looking at your hands.

If you do this, you’ll notice that after a bit, your hands will feel a different sensation. Some feel it like a mild tingling. Some report it’s more like a gentle wind blowing over the hands. In any case, that sensation is the activation of the vital life force (qi – pronounced, “chee”).

This follows the principle that qi follows awareness. Another way to say this is that shen (spirit) moves qi (vital energy).

The deeper meaning of this is that what you place your awareness on grows. Since the goal of qigong is to increase vital energy, it makes sense to focus on your hands. Hands are among the most sensitive areas of the body, so you will notice the flow of qi more easily there. that, in turn, will increase your overall energy flow.

There is a principle here that transcends formal qigong practice. If you focus your awareness on anything you are going to increase it. The tricky part is that this could be something life-enhancing (like qigong), or something terribly limiting (for example, doom-and-gloom thinking).

And it’s not that negative thoughts will necessarily make the objective world a worse place. However they will certainly make your experience of the world more negative. And over time, this will affect your mood, and ultimately your personality in a negative way.

This first secret of qigong is simple, but quite powerful. When tied together with the other 3 secrets, it amplifies even more.

Tune in next week for secret #2.

All the best for your health and happiness,.

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger



P.S. – Thank you to those who attended this Saturday’s qigong class. It turned out that the people there were all experienced qigong and taiji practitioners. That meant we were able to cut through the basic material more quickly and go deeper with the exercises. Based on that I would call the class a Qigong Masterclass! It gave me ideas for offering advanced classes for people who have been practicing for some time.

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