The “Dirty Truth” About Selenium

Unless you are taking a decent amount in supplements, you’re probably not getting enough selenium.

Normally we would get enough selenium in foods grown in mineral-rich soils. Unfortunately, the dirty truth is that most agricultural soils lack adequate levels of this important mineral.

Selenium is a mineral micronutrient that is a powerful antioxidant. In addition, it’s crucial for over 400 other biochemical functions.

For example, selenium helps your thyroid work correctly. It is also important for improving mood and energy level.

How To Make Sure You’re Getting Enough

An ideal dose of selenium is 200 to 220 mcg (that’s micrograms) every day. The best food source for selenium is Brazil nuts, especially if they are fresh and you crack them yourself. Just one Brazil nut eaten this way averages 100 mcg. If it’s already shelled when you eat it, for example in mixed nuts, the average amount is 12-15 mcg per nut.

You’ll also get selenium in button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cod, shrimp, snapper, tuna, halibut, calf liver and salmon.

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