The Connection Between Inflammation and Cancer

If you’ve never heard the term ‘cachexia,’ be glad.

Cachexia is a medical term that describes loss of weight, lack of energy, muscle atrophy, and weakness in someone not attempting to lose weight. The disease most commonly associated with these symptoms is cancer.

Researcher, Dr. C. Patrick Burns, M.D., of the University of Iowa has discovered a connection between cancer and inflammation. It turns out that malignant tumors generate inflammatory compounds that contribute to cachexia.

What To Do

One of the best ways to combat inflammatory processes in the body is by taking Omega 3 fatty acids. It also helps fight cachexia by slowing fat metabolism and reducing loss of protein (muscle). So if you know someone battling cancer, they might want to consider adding Omega 3 fatty acids to their diet.

To me it makes sense to think about avoiding cancer in the first place. At the top of my personal list to help this is taking Omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce general inflammation. I recommend you do likewise…

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