Sneaky Supplement Shenanigans

If you can’t get it done honestly, then be sneaky.

At least that seems to be the attitude of federal regulators when it comes to supplements. Over the past 15 years, there has been a constant assault on your freedom of choice about supplements. Unelected officials seem to have it in for your vitamins.

Most of the time when this happens it is done in broad daylight. A bill is proposed out in the open. It’s clear and easy to see. And every time since 1994, such restrictions have been stopped cold by popular demand.

So now they are trying a sneaky approach.

I’m referring to an FDA draft resolution now being pushed through. It is in a document called FDA-2011-D-0376-0079. Catchy title, isn’t it? When you wade through all the legal talk, here is what you find. If enacted…

  1. Supplements such as resveratrol, Co-Q10 and Curcumin may become unavailable. You’ve read about the benefits of these in Balance Point.
  2. Even supplements with a long history of safe use will require a new NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) disclosure every time it is used in a new formula.
  3. Supplements such as those above will be treated like drugs. This means it could take 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to introduce one new supplement.
  4. Currently, about 1,000 new supplements become available each year. These guidelines would shrink that number down substantially.
  5. A large number of supplement companies will go out of business. They will be unable to afford the NDI process for every new supplement they make. As a result they won’t be competitive.
  6. Only very big companies with deep pockets will sell supplements.

None of this is good for research, healthy competition or consumer choice. And ultimately, none of this is good for your health.

But the worst part is the way they are trying to make these changes. Rather than trying to change the law, these would be instituted as “guidelines.” In this form, companies will have to comply without the FDA needing to run it by Congress. FDA officials know they have little chance of succeeding in Congress.

Like I said, if they can’t get it done honestly, they’ll be sneaky. But we can fight back.

Take moment right now to stop this. Before you do anything else, let the FDA know you want them to keep their hands off our supplements.

According to the Health Sciences Institute, there are three things we all need to do right now. This comes from their HSI e-Alert of November 16, 2011.

1) Most importantly, use this link to post a comment on the FDA website. The deadline for comments is coming up quickly: 12/2/11.

2) Send a message by e-mail, letter or phone to your Congressional representatives. Even though this is not a congressional matter, it’s important to let them know where we stand, and we expect them to support the law. (For names and addresses of your representatives, go to

3) Rally the troops! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, dog trainer…everyone you know to demand that the FDA leave our access to the supplements we have been safely taking for a decade and a half alone.

For more information you can visit the Alliance for Natural Health. They also have a form to submit to your Senators and Representative.

The more people who speak up, the harder it will be for them to implement these guidelines. Please make your voice heard.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce



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