Reversing Signs of Aging in Men Over 50

Once men reach their 50’s things change.

For example, unless a man has been very physically active most of his life, his stamina and strength begin to decrease. He may become less driven. His mental focus and clarity might decline. And his sex drive may go down as well.

None of these changes are welcome. They affect quality of life and even productivity. It is ironic since this is when a man should be reaping the rewards of the wisdom that comes with age. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen.

And this isn’t just a problem of modern times. For thousands of years men have faced the problems of aging. And in some cases they have been able to find ways to slow, and even reverse the unwanted effects of getting older. Modern research also gives ways to correct this.

Some of these solutions are simple supplements that are easy to find. Others are much more specialized and esoteric.

There are some easy-to-find solutions. Here is a list of the most useful when it comes to fighting aging:

  • Vitamin E – It is best to use the full-spectrum version of this vitamin. This should include all 4 tocotrienols and all 4 tocopherols.
  • Zinc – Helps reduce stress responses. Also helps prostate health.
  • Methyl Folate – Lowers blood pressure. Also helps energy levels.
  • Vitamin B12 – Reduces homocysteine and increases brain protection.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – Supports energy production in the cells. Also a potent anti oxidant.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – May slow the rate of telomere shortening. Telomeres are parts of DNA that get shorter as people age.

Some of the less common, but still readily available supplements include:

  • DHEA – Low levels of this adrenal hormone increase the symptoms of aging.
  • Eleutherococcus (sometimes called Siberian Ginseng) – Helps reduce the effects of stress. It also increases mental performance.
  • Resveratrol – Green Med Info has 31 articles on research showing the benefits of resveratrol. These include increasing longevity, protecting the brain and stopping DNA damage.
  • Curcumin – many studies show this spice helps protect the brain from aging. It also may increase life span.
  • Alpha GPC – Research shows this substance may slow down structural changes in the brain related to aging.

Other ways to slow aging include:

  • Exercise – Yoga, qigong and tai chi are especially good for this.
  • Acupuncture – Because of its ability to reduce stress and support the immune system, acupuncture is a very helpful way to slow aging. Classical Five Element Acupuncture is especially effective for this.
  • Low glycemic diet – Eating less sugar and concentrated starches lowers insulin levels. This improves mental and physical health in many ways.
  • Listening to or playing music – These activities support healthy brain function.

All of these will support health aging in men. However there are also some rare herbal supplements that target male health. In particular, they are helpful for increasing libido, sexual performance and energy levels.

Many of these herbs are not commonly known. In addition, it is often hard to find high quality sources for them.

I will be giving a one-hour talk in Reno on March 20, 2014 about these rare herbs. You will learn what these herbs are. You will also find out how to make sure you are getting the highest quality sources of them. This is one instance where quality really counts. For more information, click on this link.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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