Reversing Memory Loss

Memory Loss
Memory Loss

Memory loss is a drag. But there are some natural ways to address it.

One of them is the herb, Acori graminei.

In Chinese herbal medicine, Acori is called shi chang pu and is in the category “Open Orifices.” This is a category of herbs that help clear the mind and open the senses. It’s one of my favorite herbs for this.

Now, the ancient uses for this herb have been confirmed and expanded upon by modern researchers.

This research was reported in the Oxford Journals Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal (eCAM). It explored Acori’s effect on learning and memory in rats.

In the process they discovered that even when there is damage to parts of the brain associated with memory and learning, Acori was able to reverse this. The result was a return of the ability to recall past learning and an improved ability to learn new things.

What This Means For Memory Loss

This has amazing implications for brain health in human beings. The brain chemicals closely associated with learning and memory (acetyltransferase and acetylcholine esterase) were restored by administering this herb. In addition, the brain was protected from further damage.

And, because this herb has been used for treating humans for thousands of years, we know a lot about its safe usage. However, as with most supplements, there are cautions about who should take it.

For example, women experiencing hot flashes from menopause should avoid taking Acori without taking other herbs to counteract it’s warm qualities.

Also, there is the possibility that someone might not need the additional neurotransmitter support Acori provides. If this is the case, when they take it, they might experience irritability.

Obviously, if a person takes Acori (or any herb, drug or supplement) and they experience unwanted side effects, it’s best to stop taking the supplement immediately. To minimize this I recommend consulting with a practitioner knowledgeable about Chinese herbs before starting to take Acori.

That being said, the potential benefits from taking Acori to reverse memory loss are profound. For use as a single herb, the typical dosage is 2 to 6 grams twice daily. It is available in granular form as well as in raw herbal form. You may also find it in Chinese herbal formulas designed to support brain health.



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