Remove the “Glue” Clogging Up Your Brain And Body

There’s a hidden invader clogging up your brain and body.

This obscure adversary affects practically every cell. It is behind a wide variety of health problems including aging. It contributes to everything from joint pain, brain fog & fatigue to diabetes & heart disease.

The scariest part of this covert source of disease is that most of us invite it in without even knowing it.

The name of this stealthy saboteur? Glycation.

Some people think glycation is even more dangerous to your health than free radicals. That makes it essential to understand it and even more importantly to know how to combat and prevent it in the first place.

Although glycation is a somewhat complex chemical process, you don’t need to know biochemistry to understand it. There’s a simple way to grasp how it works in the body.

Glycation happens when sugar in the body attaches itself to protein molecules. When this happens, the combined protein/sugar molecule becomes very “sticky” like glue. It’s similar to what happens when you heat milk for a long time – it cooks down into caramel. In fact, glycation happens through a process called caramelization!

How Glycation Damages Your Body

Once formed, these sticky protein/sugar globs circulate around in the body. Along the way they attach to other proteins in a process called “cross linking.” Such cross linked molecules are called an Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs).

AGEs are like blobs of super glue traveling through the body causing mischief.

Here’s a short list of the damage AGEs to do the body:

  • They block the ability of cells to function normally (imagine glue between cells)
  • As the cells try to fight off this sticky assault, they create toxins that circulate around the body
  • AGEs stimulate amyloid beta formation in the brain. Amyloid beta is associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia
  • AGEs cause the body to create higher levels of damaging oxidative free radicals
  • These higher levels of free radicals set off more glycation, leading to an endless cycle of cell and tissue damage
  • AGEs increase the thickness of arterial walls, increasing the likelihood of heart disease
  • And to add insult to injury, they cause your skin to wrinkle, making you look older while they cause you to feel older.

Stopping Glycation In Its Tracks

There are simple things you can do to stop, and even reverse the health-damaging effects of glycation.

The first is, of course, to stop creating more AGEs. This is actually fairly simple. All you need to do is stop eating sugar and refined carbohydrates. This dramatically reduces one of the crucial building blocks of glycation.

Secondly, it’s important to neutralize the “glue” blobs already circulating around in your system.

A lot of research has been done searching for ways to accomplish this second step. So far, only one substance has been found that effectively neutralizes glycation and the formation of AGEs. That substance is called Carnosine.

Carnosine neutralizes AGEs in two ways. It stops simple sugars from binding to proteins in the first place. In addition, it stops sticky glycation blobs from cross linking with other proteins.

These two actions of Carnosine are not found in any other supplement. 

Two notes about Carnosine:

  1. Don’t confuse it with L-Carnitine, which is a valuable amino acid that increases cell energy and helps build muscle & decrease fat. Both are valuable but only Carnosine has the effect of neutralizing Advance Glycation End-products.
  2. When taking Carnosine as a supplement, take between 50 and 150 mg per day. It’s best taken with other nutrients at meals.


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