Preventing Age Related Mental Decline

Nothing is sadder than to see someone you care about going downhill mentally.

I remember visiting my 95-year-old grandmother after she had experienced this decline. Half the time when I came in I’d have to introduce myself and she still wouldn’t know who I was. It was heartbreaking to see this wonderful woman in such a state.

Whether you call it Alzheimer’s Disease or senile dementia, you never appreciate remembering people and events as much as when you see someone who’s lost that ability.

Usually, it starts in small ways – wandering of attention, forgetting little things, repeating themselves or seeming distracted and ‘spacey.’ Sometimes it shows up as loss of motivation and interest in life. But however it manifests, it’s crucially important to pay attention to these early warning signs and eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

But how?

For each individual, the exact specifics of this will be somewhat different. This is why I’m in favor of people getting tested for their Metabolic Type® before any symptoms show up. Metabolic Typing® can provide you with the optimal foods (fuel) for your unique situation, which will in turn create optimal health (and mental functioning!)

Since this is a general article, I can’t say what exact details are right for you, but I can at least offer you some suggestions which will apply to virtually everyone reading this:

  • Avoid processed foods containing trans-fats, sugar (of any kind)  and refined grains (flour).
  • Reduce your alcohol intake (alcohol turns directly into sugar).
  • Eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables – especially eat the proportions and types right for your Metabolic Type®.
  • Eat wild Alaskan salmon several times per week and/or supplement with fish oil daily.
  • Exercise, outside if possible. Why exercise outside? Research has shown that moderate sun exposure and exercise can both be extremely effective at reducing inflammation – and inflammation is at the root of the worst effects of the aging process.
  • Get your neurotransmitters tested and rebalance them naturally. Since neurotransmitters are the basis of healthy brain function, it’s crucial to have enough of them and in the right proportions. Only testing can exactly determine the ones that you need to adjust. This adjustment can be done using all-natural supplements once we know what you need.

While nothing except death prevents us from getting older there are lots of things we can do to avoid feeling older. By implementing the suggestions above, you’ll go a long way towards avoiding the worst signs of aging on your mental clarity.

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