Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing Videos – Free Access!

Get free access to Metabolic Typing videos. These videos explain exactly what Metabolic Typing is and how it works.

Here is the first of the free videos showing what Metabolic Typing does. Just hit the play arrow to watch the video:

This is the first video in the series. There are 5 videos in Part 1. They cover:

  1. The Foundation of Health
  2. Fire Up Your Metabolism & Melt Away Your Symptoms!
  3. Why Metabolic Typing Works
  4. The Path to Success
  5. The Metabolic Typing Test Walkthrough

If you would like free access to all 5 of these videos, it is easy. Just put your information below. and you will be set!

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6 replies on “Metabolic Typing Videos – Free Access!”

Can Metabolic typing help me? l was hit with a rare disease two years ago, overnite.. 34 doctors, no diagnosis, l found Darkfield Microscopy which led to it’s diagnosis “Dercums Disease, Stage 11”, unbelievable given the fact l’d been a health nut since my thirties. After a biopsy l got systemic lymphedema as well, for life? and my occassional arthritis became agressive? l’d like to know how to eat for all these complicated illnesses
and would appreciate your feedback.

Hi Lynette,

I cannot give specific individual medical advice on the blog. I will be emailing you privately with my reply.

However in general I can say that food provides the raw materials for ALL 50,000 biochemical reactions in the body. Unless the food is right, almost nothing else will be effective. The hard part is each person needs a unique mix of foods. They also have their own requirements for macronutrients (proteins, carbs & fats). See the following posts for more specifics:

The Most Powerful Medicine You Will Ever Take

Chronic Pain – The Food Connection

Thirty Years of Pain Erased in Two Days

Dr. Bruce

Hi e.R.S,

These are not my videos. If you want to find out more, go ahead and sign up for the series. That will take you to the site. Use that to contact the video owner. I’m guessing he will be happy to have you share them.

Dr. Bruce

Hi Lynette,

Thanks for catching the error in the links. I’ve corrected them so they go to the correct pages now.

Dr. Bruce

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