Metabolic Typing®: 7 Reasons Why What You Eat Has A Bigger Influence On Your Health Than Almost ANY Other Factor.

Sometimes old sayings carry great wisdom.

Take for example the famous proverb, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” If you take it literally, it means that perfectly good food for someone else might kill you. When you understand this idea, you’ve come a long way towards grasping the value of Metabolic Typing®.

Of course, the trick is to figure out exactly what foods are best for you. Metabolic Typing® is a good way to determine this quickly and easily.

We’ll leave for another day the discussion of how we as modern people have come to think what we eat doesn’t matter. For now, let’s look at why knowing your unique metabolic requirements is crucial for optimal health:

  1. Your ancestors ate the foods that were naturally present in their environment. Eskimos and other northern climate residents ate fish, meat and fat, with little or no fruit and vegetables. People living in Mediterranean areas had lots of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Now we can pretty much get anything from anywhere at any time of the year. Unfortunately, our DNA hasn’t kept up with the changes in modern commerce. We’re still much more capable of existing on foods similar to how our ancestors ate.
  2. In the same way tuning the engine in your car won’t matter if you put in the wrong fuel, almost nothing else you do – exercise, meditation, positive thinking, herbs, supplements, medications, etc. – will make as much difference for your physical health and energy as eating the right foods.
  3. Modern medicine has identified the fundamental nutritional components we need to survive. What they haven’t told us is that each person requires a different proportion of these fundamental nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates). It’s crucial for you to figure out your best mix of these basic nutrients.
  4. People forget that their digestive tract is actually just one long tube that starts at their mouth and ends at their rectum. This means that all intestinal and digestive issues are directly related to the type and quality of food you eat. In the parlance of computer programmers, “garbage in, garbage out.”
  5. Even if you eat nothing but the foods on your Metabolic Typing® list and eat them in the right proportions, you will still not get the full benefit unless you are eating whole, fresh, natural forms of these foods. If they are processed (packaged, bottled, canned, etc.) many of the beneficial nutrients are no longer available to you. This is the source of many chronic degenerative diseases.
  6. Eating whole, fresh, natural foods also avoids the totally un-natural additives, preservatives, pesticides and packaging chemicals present in processed foods. This alone will reduce your body’s toxic load and improve your health. When you add to that the additional nutritional value of not processing them, this is a major step in the direction of better health.
  7. Ultimately, you are the person who gets to experience the results of your choices. Everyone else who tells you what you should eat, even if they are well-intentioned, won’t be as accurate as your body’s own feedback mechanism. Your body never lies. If you have pain, digestive issues, breathing problems, fatigue, emotional swings, mental focus difficulties, or any other physical symptoms, you are probably not eating your ideal mix of foods.

I’m a great believer in herbal medicine, taking supplements, exercise, acupuncture,chiropractic and other forms of self-care and creating natural health. Even so, without the right foods, none of these is as effective as they could be.

I encourage you, as I encourage all of my patients, to pay close attention to how your body responds to the foods you eat and to modify your food choices accordingly. You may not see a magical overnight change in your health, but given time and persistence, you will see great improvement.

If you want to speed the process, call my office to set up a Metabolic Typing® assessment. This is the fastest way to discover the best foods for your optimal health. You can reach me at (775) 827-6901 or email byclicking here.

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