Medical Myths

There are some funny ideas floating around about health. You can call these ideas, “medical myths.”

The odd thing is how many people believe these. They take what someone says as fact without question. Readers of Balance Point do not typically have this problem.

Still, these myths are so common, it is a good idea to review a few of the worst. That makes you better armed against them.

Here are the worst of these medical myths.

  • Myth: Drugs Make You Healthy.

    Fact: Most people want an instant fix for problems. This is especially true if you are in pain. Wouldn’t it be great to have a “magic bullet” to take away your pain?
    The problem with this idea is that drugs do not fix deeper problems. They are designed to target one biochemical reaction in the body. But with 50,000 reactions going on all the time, the body adapts. This causes side effects. It is also why drugs often become less effective over time.
    Of course sometimes you want symptom relief. Often drugs can give you this. But they never fix underlying problems.
    A better way to think about it is to realize where all your biochemistry comes from. If you said food, go to the head of the class. All the raw materials your body uses come from what you eat. It is like the saying, “garbage in, garbage out.”
    Other articles on the Balance Point blog go into this in more detail. Search for the phrase, food as medicine. At the very least, focus on whole, fresh and natural foods.

  • Myth: The More Expensive Medicine Is The Better It Is.

    Fact: The truth is exactly opposite. Throwing more money at something doesn’t make it more effective. You see examples of this every day.
    In fact, the most expensive drugs are often the most toxic. Taking them is like firing a high powered rifle at the problem. They have an powerful effect, but they can also cause great damage.The cost of the most expensive drugs has nothing to do with its effectiveness. Most of the time is has to do with the cost to develop the drug.
    But what if you are looking for relief for a specific problem? Usually there are natural choices. Herbs, supplements and natural healing techniques exist for most types of health problems.
    And, of course, food is medicine. Eating high quality natural food may cost more than eating junk. But it costs a lot less than doctor bills and high-priced drugs.

  • Myth: Doctors Are Infallible.
    Fact: Sorry, but doctors are human. And the busier they are, the more common it is they make errors.That is why it is better to see a doctor who spends some time with you. If your total face time is five minutes, think about looking elsewhere.

Do you know of other medical myths? Share your best medical myth in the comments on the blog. You can do that by commenting below.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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