Mastery of Intent

Mastery of IntentIn Chinese Medicine there is a concept called The Three Treasures.

They are called Shen, Qi and Jing.

A simple explanation is as follows:

Shen: Commonly translated as spirit. Also refers to intuition, focus and intent.

Qi: The vital energy that moves form.

Jing: The essence of physical form.

Volumes have been written about each of these. But for now, I want to talk about Shen, especially in it’s aspect as intent.

The classical description of Shen is that it is so big that it can’t be seen. This makes sense if you think of it as spirit. You can’t really see someone’s spirit, but you can see evidence of it. This is particularly true in their eyes. It’s the spark of life you see in the eyes of a person who is present.

But spirit isn’t just observable. It also has an active form. In fact, in the realm of qigong energy cultivation, there are specific exercises that develop and strengthen Shen. The results of this can be quite interesting.

This leads me to something that happened in 1995.

I was teaching a class in Southern California at a massage school. It was a two-day weekend class called, “Human Energy Systems.”

I loved teaching this class because we got to talk about all the various ways there are to describe the healing process. Topics ranged from acupuncture to chakras to Native American energy concepts.

As part of the class, the students learned how to do a basic form of muscle testing. They worked in pairs. One person would test the strength of the other’s ability to hold their arm out at shoulder height. Then they would do something to disrupt the person’s energy field temporarily, followed by testing muscle strength again. When done correctly, the extended arm becomes much weaker.

As they began the exercise, one of the students came to me and said that she couldn’t get her partner’s arm to go down. I figured she just hadn’t understood the instructions.

So I went over to where her partner stood and did the test on him.

To my surprise, I could not get his arm to go down either. Most curious. This had never happened before.

I tried again and got the same non-movement.

Something was definitely out of the ordinary here. But what?

I closed my eyes and looked into this man’s spirit with my intent. It quickly became clear what was happening. He was very well defended energetically. No challenge to his energy could get through.

I thought about it for a moment and then asked him to hold up his arm for one more muscle test.

This time, I set my intent in a very specific way before doing anything else. Just as I was about to ask him to resist, he looked at me with wide eyes and said, “You have good intent!” I said, “Thank you,” and asked him to resist as I pressed his arm downward. It went down with very little effort.

That was the day I learned something special about intent. And it changed how I worked with people from that day forward…

All the best for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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