Master of Energy

Master Cheuk Fung
Master Cheuk Fung

As you may recall from last time, I promised more about dealing with conflict by mastering energy.

In 1984, I had the very good fortune of meeting one of these masters of energy.

I was traveling with a group of students to the Bay Area in California for Chinese New Year. As part of that trip, our group got invited to observe a closed class given by Master Cheuk Fung.

When we walked into the studio, it was already apparent that we weren’t going to be observing a normal class.

Why? Because the students were practicing by jumping up in the air and then slamming their feet back onto the floor. It was like no other martial art I’d witnessed.

Later, we found out why they practiced this way.

After leading his students through some martial art forms, he took a break to come over and address us. To me it looked like he was scanning the group to see what our energy was like. After about 5 minutes, he asked for two of our students to come up for a demonstration.

He had them stand, each holding one fist out at arms length. Then he gently placed his palms, one on each fist. A second later, both students flew backwards several feet as though he had shoved them with great force.

Definitely not like any other demonstration I’d seen before. I paid even closer attention.

He did a few more of these demonstrations with our students. Then he told us that he would continue the demonstration with his own students because we didn’t know how to effectively disperse the energy involved.

He had 2 of his students rush at him as if to attack. When they got within about 3 feet of him, they both flew backwards about three feet. When they landed on the floor, they slammed their feet down to disperse the energy as we’d seen them practicing earlier. He never moved or even touched them.

Now it was really getting interesting.

At this point he told us, “But they don’t have to attack me…” He went over to the wall of the studio where there was an 8 foot ballet bar attached to the wall.

He stood with his hand touching one end of the bar, facing away from it. He instructed his students to attack the other end of the bar. Once again they were repelled as before.

Then he said, “But I don’t have to touch the bar…” He stood 10 feet from it and had the students once again rush towards it. And once again, they flew back from the bar as if shoved hard.

Finally, he turned to our group and said, “If they come to me with anger in their hearts, it comes back to them.”

He then put his arms around his students shoulders and said, “But if they come to me with love in their hearts, I embrace them as brothers.”

End of demonstration.

This concrete demonstration of intent, mastery of energy and the power of compassion made a deep impression on me.

Next time, we’ll get back to how energy and intent are used in healing the spirit, mind and body. And I’ll have an announcement that may interest you. Until then…

All the best for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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