"It's Magic"

When new patients surprise me with their response to treatment it is mostly very positive. But occasionally it can be very disappointing.

I’ll tell you about a recent example of this second situation in a moment.

As you might imagine, positive responses vary, depending on what approach we take.

For example, it’s very common for a patient to come in with chronic pain, such as back pain or joint pain, and leave the office with dramatic improvement after their first acupuncture treatment. Or, they might start their Metabolic Typing program and report they feel hugely better only days later.

I love these kinds of responses when they happen.

However, about twice a year I see a new patient who gets no benefit from treatment at all. None.

If you’ve worked with me as a patient, you know that I always have 6 backup plans for getting results. And I expect improvement fairly quickly. Because of this, these patients who get no benefit make me wonder what went wrong.

Over the past 39 years of seeing patients I’ve come up the 2 most common reasons for disappointing results:

  1. The condition is so well-established that the best we can hope for is slowing the symptoms down rather than reversing them. When the body loses most of it’s adaptive capabilities, for example in late stage 3 adrenal fatigue or advanced stage cancer, it’s time to call in Western medical specialists to try to turn it around.
  2. The person is hoping for a “magic” pill or treatment to fix them overnight. When they don’t experience immediate, dramatic improvement after one time, they decide nothing will work. Typically this person has hopped from one doctor to another before coming in. They will probably keep “doctor hopping” afterwards as well.

For the first type of person, I always want to be sure we’ve uncovered the real underlying issues, no matter how complex they may be. This assures we’ll get the best response to treatment.

Then, if referring out becomes necessary, it assures they’ll have the best response possible to conventional medical treatment because we’ve already done a great deal to support the body.

This second type of patient is much harder to work with.

I had someone like this come in just last week. He completed his Metabolic Typing profile and we spent an hour going over his results. I felt confident we were on the right track to helping him feel better.

Later that day, after eating just one meal according to his Metabolic Typing plan, he didn’t see a huge, immediate improvement. He sent me an email asking why. I replied that it was still too early to make any conclusions and suggested some ways he could refine the process.

I never heard back from him, but a few days later his wife called me to say that he wasn’t going to continue as a patient. She said, “He didn’t see any improvements from the plan.”

I asked, “How many meals did he follow the plan?”

She said, “Just that first one.”

“Hmmm…” I thought to myself, “A classic case of giving up too soon.”

It’s really a shame because these folks won’t see any improvement unless they stick with something long enough.

The reason I’m mentioning this to you today is that as a reader of Balance Point, you have an interest in natural approaches for improving your health. And 99.99% of you know that a natural approach to healing works with your body, not against it. As a result, you will most often have a gradual, natural process of feeling better.

The problem is that in modern times we’ve all been affected to one degree or another by the desire for instant gratification. And when it comes to getting and staying healthy, expecting instant gratification is fine, but sticking with the program will get you much better results.

So please take this as a reminder that when you’re using natural methods to eliminate those old, nagging symptoms, or to increase your energy level and mental focus, you need to give it enough time to know how well it will do for you.

When it comes to your health, sometimes quicker isn’t better…

Be well,

Dr. Bruce

P.S. – If you’re having a hard time sorting out what is working from what isn’t, or you aren’t getting the results you want, you can speed the process greatly by working with someone who has experience helping people get better using natural methods. Give me a call at 775-827-6901 or email me by clicking here to see how to get faster, more reliable results.

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