How Two Simple Herbs Got Me Through My Board Exams

Okay, here is a bit of ancient history.

When I first took my national board exam in acupuncture, I was nervous. It was the first board exam I ever took. The scariest part was the practical exam. A lot was riding on it.

At the same time, I was tired. Too many late nights studying had taken a toll.

While in line waiting to enter the practical exam testing area, one of my classmates came up to me with a bag of powdered herbs. He was a wizard with herbs. We had given him the nickname, “King of Herbs.” He told me he prepared this formula to help him be focused and clear for the test. That got my interest.

“What’s in it?” I asked.

“Only two herbs,” he answered. “Chang pu and lu rong. Want some?”

For those of you who haven’t memorized long lists of Chinese herb names, chang pu is Acori Gramenei. Lu Rong is Cornu Cervi Parvum. These are more commonly known as Sweetflag Rhizome and Velvet Deer Antler.

“Okay,” I replied and swallowed a heaping spoonful.

The testing was set up so that everyone waited in a big room until they were called. It was going to be hours before I went in. It turned out to be an amazing period of time.

After about 30 minutes, my energy increased. When an hour had passed I felt strong, happy and mentally clear. The test no longer concerned me. There was no doubt in my mind that I could handle whatever they threw at me.

The test itself consisted of locating 10 points on a human model. We had 15 minutes to do it. Since there are 365 points, we had to know all of them. When the time came, I was in and out in five minutes. And I got a perfect score.

Even though I had years of study of Chinese herbs, that was my first dramatic personal example of how powerful they can be.

The two herbs my friend had put together were a stroke of genius. These two herbs work very well together. In combination they increase energy and alertness. But that isn’t all they do. To see a list of the benefits of each herb click either the Google+ or the Twitter button below. You will also see when NOT to take these.

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All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce



Deer Antler to Nourish Blood, Bone, and Joints, Dharmananda, Subhuti, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon

TCM Assistant, online herbal resource.

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