How Do You Prefer To Be Notified?


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E-mail in what ever form or quanity that works for you is fine. I just enjoy reading the articles. The sensitive ones article, was hard to find a family member who didn’t fit in it. Including those who have married in to the family. I enjoy all the info. Thanks, Jane
I’d love to see an article on Low Dose Naltrexone if you come up with one.

Thank you, this site looks Great! Always love reading it and should get in for my two more appointments that I previously paid for. I am home with a broken ankle so could actually get over to your office sometime. I will call soon. Many thanks for all your great work and information.

Hi Jane,

Hi Jane,

It’s nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in Oregon!

Naltrexone is an interesting one. Curious that they use it for coming off of alcohol since it’s an opiod antagonist. Makes me think that at least part of the addictive nature of alcohol for some people is its effect on endorphins.

Dr. Bruce

Hi Debra,

Thanks for your input. Always appreciated.

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I think we could speed the healing process with a treatment or two, so I look forward to your call.

Dr. Bruce

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