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There’s a lot going on today in the world of health and health care.

As you might guess, I spend a fair amount of time keeping up with the latest information. That research, along with direct experiences with patients ends up in Balance Point. But there’s always so much more.

So today, instead of a single article, you can see some of the best recent information from across the web. You can click on the links below to choose topics most interesting to you.

Children’s Cereal Contains More Sugar Than A Twinkie

Many people don’t know that cereal for breakfast is a relatively new idea. It was originally promoted as health food in the late 1800s by people with a vegetarian agenda.

To whatever degree it was healthy, that is largely gone now because of the increasing amount of sugar in practically every cereal you can buy. Some children’s cereals now have more sugar per serving that the worst snack foods. See the list by clicking here.

Seven Foods You Should Never Eat

This article is great because it quotes experts in the field of each food. You will find out why these experts never eat the food they know most about.

You may not be surprised by some of these. But most likely you will be surprised by the reasons these experts give for not eating them.

This is a quick, but informative read you can access by clicking this link.

Can You Trust Conventional Health Advice?

This Mercola piece unearths how drug and big agriculture lobbyists influence health laws. Most Balance Point readers won’t be shocked by this idea, but you may be surprised by the depth of the problem.

The highlight of the article is a video interview with a convicted lobbyist who pulls back the covers on some of the worst practices. See this by clicking here.

Blood Test Spots Prostate Cancer 7 Years Before PSA Test Does

Functional medicine focuses on building health, not only fighting disease. This is the approach I take with my patients.

Here is an article about a much more reliable way to combat and avoid prostate cancer through (much) earlier detection. In fact this test can spot early prostate cancer as soon as 7 years before the standard PSA test does. And it is a more reliable indicator. Find out more by clicking here.

The Odds of Health

This is a longish article by veteran health researcher, Jon Barron. In it he helps you unravel the lies, half-truths and false health promises you see every day in the media.

Whether you read alternative health writers or mainstream sources, you need to be able to sort out fact from fiction. Learn how to spot misleading claims by clicking this link.

Supplements Are For Sinners

This is another Jon Barron piece. He explores whether you need supplements or not. He examines the view that supplements are not necessary and offers a strong argument about why you need them.

My favorite sub-heading in the article is, “Drugs Are for the Desperate.” I couldn’t agree more.

This is a shorter article than the previous Jon Barron piece. Read it by clicking here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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