GMO Foods For Everybody, Like It Or Not…

If you’ve read previous posts about GMO (Genetically Modified) foods, you know that they are experimental and have no human testing to confirm their safety.

In fact, research strongly suggests that there are serious problems with eating them.

You can view some very detailed information on this topic in these two posts:

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Now it comes out that the U.S. delegation to the European Codex Alimentarius committee is opposing a United Nations rule that will allow foods being labeled as GMO.

Regardless of whether or not you would eat GMO foods, can you imagine not having enough information to make an informed decision? That’s what opposing this rule will create. And it’s particularly ironic because it’s U.S. delegates that are proposing it.

It’s important that we act now to protect ourselves by preventing this international policy change that would threaten our ability to know what’s in our food.

That’s why I’ve just signed a petition asking the U.S. Delegation to the committee meeting to drop its opposition to the GMO labeling proposal. You should too. Here’s the link to do that quickly and easily:

Be well,

Dr. Bruce

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