GMO Crops Are Dangerous

GMO Crops - Alfalfa
GMO Crops - Alfalfa

There is proof that GMO crops were planted before they were approved.

This is shocking. And yet not too surprising. When you take into account other actions by Big Ag it fits. They disregard, well, everyone else.

The folks at Natural Society have the story. It’s about GMO alfalfa. The USDA deregulated it in 2005. But this latest information indicates Monsanto started planting it in 2003. That’s 2 years before USDA deregulation.

GMO Crops Contaminate Normal Crops

Here’s what the story says:

Amazingly, the letter actually proves that the USDA was fully aware of the situation. In order to fully understand the intricate details of this event, it is first important to understand a few key factors regarding alfalfa and its connection to the entire food supply.

Alfalfa is a perennial plant that grows for more than 2 years and may not need to be replanted each year like annuals. Because it is a perennial plant, it is exceptionally vulnerable to contamination. Interestingly, the modified alfalfa — created by Monsanto in partner with a group known as Forage Genetics — was the first perennial plant to be deregulated for open planting by the USDA. But did Monsanto unleash the plant before this occurred?

This is very serious because it is only a matter of time before alfalfa across America could be corrupted with Monsanto’s patented genetically modified trait. Organic meat and dairy could be tainted when animals are fed the modified alfalfa as well, threatening the very integrity of the organic food supply. What’s more, the contamination of natural alfalfa could be nearly impossible — if not entirely impossible — to remedy, so it could actually fracture the genetic stability of the entire crop on a global scale.

They have images of the letter, courtesy of Cal/West Seeds. There are also reports of threats made against a mother and child. Seems like these GMO monsters know no bounds. They intend to roll right over anyone who might interfere with their plans. Evil indeed.

In case you missed it, you still have a chance to beat the deadline for the Money Bomb Monsanto campaign. If they get $1,000,000 by May 26, they will get matching funds of another $1,000,000. Wow! That’s like doubling your impact!  If labeling laws are passed in California, it opens the door for more.

Fight back! GMO crops are hazardous. And so are the companies that grow them. You have the right to know if your food contains GMOs. But you don’t know. Not yet. Because Monsanto has bought off the politicians and the regulatory agencies. Go to the Organic Consumer’s Fund website to give generously. As of this post you only have a few days to help reach the goal. Click here to donate.

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