Getting Healthy – Which of These Approaches Gets the Best Results?

You have likely heard the phrase, “Success leaves clues.” And it does.

Most of the time people think of this in terms of money or career. But today I am asking you to apply this idea to your health. To do this, make a quick health reality check. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being exceptionally good…

  • How is the health of the people you work with? Your boss, your co-workers?
  • How is your family’s health? Your parents, spouse and children?
  • How is the health of your friends?
  • What about your own health?

When you look around you, you can see who is more healthy and who is facing health challenges. My hunch is that you will find a mix of both. Some people will be struggling with health issues. Others will seem fine.

Okay, it seems simple so far. Now take a closer look at the people who are not so healthy. Do they have more than one doctor? Do they have many medical appointments? Are they taking lots of pills?

Usually the answer to these questions is yes.

“But wait,” you say, “of course they have more doctor visits. After all they are sick!” No doubt about that connection, right?

So to make clear what I mean, ask yourself one more question. Are all the doctor visits and pills making them well? Or are they just barely managing the symptoms? In other words, is blindly following their doctor’s advice helping them get better?

Sadly, the answer to that question is often no.

Sure, the symptoms may get taken care of. At least for a while. But there are often side effects from drugs. And many of the drugs require taking them for a lifetime. Some of them become less effective with use. Ultimately, the deeper problem isn’t addressed. They don’t get better, they just get by.

Not that getting rid of symptoms is a bad thing. But trading them for side effects is not ideal. And the problems did not happen to start with because of lack of drugs.

Now look at those people you know who are healthier. People who are more healthy usually take a different approach. These people:

  • Pay attention to the signals their body gives them.
  • Take active steps to become healthier when symptoms show up.
  • Ask questions of their doctor.
  • Do research on their own to find alternatives to drugs.
  • Seek out doctors and other health practitioners who can treat them using natural methods.

Most often these folks do more than get rid of symptoms. They also rebuild health. In the process they become stronger and happier. They get their life back. They thrive.

Is this second approach easy? Not at all. But the results are usually far better.

Am I saying ignore your doctor? No. But if you want to be healthier and stronger, take a clue from this second type of person. Take an active role in your health. Be willing to change.

And most of all, listen to your body. Your doctor won’t lie to you on purpose. But he or she may be wrong. Your body will never lie to you. And it will always be right. Learn to hear what it is saying. Then take action.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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