Energy Resonates

Standing WavesIt’s 1991.

I’m at Dr. Anderson’s house. We’re talking about healing and energy.

“Everything in this world is made up of energy,” he says. “And because of that, it has a frequency.

“That makes sense to me,” I reply. I wonder where he’s going with this.

“That frequency is unique in every object and in every being. And certain frequencies resonate with other frequencies. Make sense?”

“Sure,” I reply. “That’s how interference patterns are created between electromagnetic fields. I’ve always loved the experiment where the same wave bouncing back on itself creates a standing wave. The wave is made up of two things moving, but looks like it’s standing still.”

“Right!” He’s smiling. “But have you thought of the implications of this?”

I’m not sure what he means, but I have a glimmer of an answer. “Does that mean that the way energy fields interact determines how we see things in the physical world? They look solid, but they really aren’t?”

“Yes. And it means even more.” The grin on his face gets bigger. Then suddenly, he’s quite serious again.

“If everything is energy, that means we are also. And so are our thoughts. And because energy can affect energy, our thoughts can affect our body.

“That means if you focus your thinking, you can tap into the energy of anything, and use it in the healing process.” His smile is starting to come back.

I’d seen this effect when putting a toxic substance near the body and testing relative muscle strength. The body becomes weaker just being near toxic materials.

Still, it isn’t exactly dawning on me what he means.

I say, “So a person doesn’t need to take an herb or vitamin to get the benefit?”

“In a way, no. Although the benefit is more direct physically if you take it internally.”

He continues. “What if you had a way to find out exactly what was out of balance in a person? And what if you could take that information and use it to bring them back into balance?”

“That sounds ideal,” I answer. “But isn’t that what we do in pulse taking and other diagnosis techniques?”

“Yes, of course.” I had a sense that he was humoring me.

“What if you were able to expand your scope of inquiry beyond the narrow range of pulse taking? What if you could assess literally anything you could conceive of?”

“Like what?” I say.

“For starters, the state of someone’s mind, emotions or energy. And if you really wanted to look deeper, you could check the health of their soul or spirit.” There’s a twinkle in his eyes as he’s speaking.

I’m stunned by the scope of the possibilities this idea opens up. I can’t quite wrap my mind around the enormity of it.

“So you’re saying we can check the health of literally any aspect of a person’s being?”


“That’s a huge potential list! How would you narrow it down?”

“Ah,” he says, “now you’re starting to see the dilemma. You need to have a way to work with such a vast number of possibilities. And you can’t let it overwhelm you or it doesn’t work.”

This started our work together discovering how to use energy to affect energy. We found that it has to do with finding just the right combination of frequencies that resonate with the problem needing to be re-balanced.

For the next year, we worked on figuring out exactly how to approach perceiving energy in this way. We developed a way to assess imbalances across a wide spectrum of possibilities. And we developed a systemic way to re-balance these issues. The resulting system is called Resonant Energeticsâ„¢.

To test it, we used the system on ourselves and each other over the course of a year. The results were remarkable. And the testing process uncovered things that no other system I’ve ever seen can. More importantly, the system is able to correct the imbalances in a way that is powerful, but gentle.

Dr. Anderson passed away just a few years after we worked on this. But his legacy lives on in Resonant Energeticsâ„¢.

All the best for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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