Dramatic Relief for Intractable Pain

Food is the most powerful drug you’ll ever take.

And like any drug, food can have positive effects on health. But if it’s not the right food, it can also have very serious, unwanted effects. As an illustration of this, here is a case study of a woman who experienced extreme, severe nerve pain in her legs, feet and hands.

10 Years of Pain

For 10 years this woman had excruciating pain in one foot. 3 years ago it spread to the other foot. She described it by saying it felt like she was walking on shards of glass every moment of every day.

Ironically, the only relief she got came from walking. This was because after a while her feet got so numb that she couldn’t feel them. The numbness was so extreme that one time she stepped on a nail and never felt it.

The pain was so severe that even morphine didn’t touch it. To add insult to injury, numerous doctors told her it was all in her head. This typically happens when a doctor is frustrated because they can’t fix a problem.

She periodically had suicidal thoughts because of the relentless, severe pain. Although she said she’d never act on it, she had wished many times that the doctors could have just cut her feet off so she’d be done with it.

After many years, it spread to her hands. Her hands got so bad that at one point it took her several minutes to turn the page of a book.

Finally After 10 Years, Relief

The first relief she ever found came after doing Mediator Response Testing (MRT). This is a test that determines food sensitivities for 150 different foods and food additives.

She eliminated all foods that tested reactive. 2 days after starting to follow the recommendations, she was able to sleep for the first time without soaking her feet in hot water. That was a major breakthrough for her.

Even better, by day 9 the pain was completely gone. Her feet still felt “thick,” but there was no more pain.

Think about that. 10 years of pain eliminated in only 9 days. And done entirely by modifying her food choices.

If you wanted proof that food is powerful, I can’t think of a better example.

Mediator Response Testing (MRT) is the most advanced method available for identifying hidden food sensitivities. Along with Metabolic Typing® it is the basis for identifying and correcting chronic health issues that are unresponsive to conventional treatments.

For more information to determine what approach will be most effective for relieving your health problems, contact me by email (use this form) or by calling the office at (775) 827-6901.


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