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Energy MentorAfter about 15 years practicing the healing work I’d learned from Sifu Lew and John Davidson, I realized I needed some more formal training.

Since I was in the Los Angeles area at the time, I looked at all the schools of Oriental Medicine. The one that stood out was Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

So I cranked up my left brain and dove in.

It was great to see the principles and concepts I knew from experience presented in a more academic way. And, of course, it was also more limiting.

It was very mental. They weren’t talking about feeling energy at a distance. Although we did a short meditation at the beginning of each class, there wasn’t really much more beyond the nuts and bolts of academic learning.

Truly, this was the best approach for them. We needed to learn those things to pass licensing exams. And exams weren’t going to be about sensing energy.

At the same time, it was hard to not think about what I knew from the previous 15 years.

Then, late in my second year of study, I met my next mentor. His name was Dr. Robert Anderson. He was very smart, but also was unlike any of the other teachers.

Many of the treatments he would come up with in the clinic were unusual. He would take the patient’s pulse for several minutes and then instruct the intern about the points to treat.

Based on the way we were learning points in class, these treatments were completely off the wall. I wanted to understand how he came up with them.

During clinic, I would observe him taking pulses from different angles. Then one day I noticed something he was doing that I hadn’t seen before. Underneath the table, using the hand he wasn’t using for pulse-taking, his hand was moving. I knew instantly that he was doing a form of energy testing called Applied Kinesiology (AK).

The most common way AK is used it to test someone’s muscle strength in the presence of one substance or another. But he was testing his own muscle reaction and wasn’t using any substance. I was intrigued.

Starting that day, I began practicing how to use my own muscle response to do energy assessments. After a few weeks I could replicate what Dr. Anderson was doing. The response was based on questions I was asking internally.

That raised the issue of what questions he was using? How was he coming up with these unique treatments?

I decided to ask him.

One day at the school, I saw him in the hall. No one else was around.

“Dr. Anderson, when you take a pulse, you aren’t only taking a pulse.”

He looked at me and said, “What do you mean?” He was being cautious since this approach wasn’t exactly what the school was trying to teach students.

I replied by telling him what I’d seen and how I’d practiced the technique. And I told him that I didn’t know what questions he was asking.

That was the day he became my mentor.

Over the next few years, he shared with me everything he knew about the healing process. And it was a lot. And there were many interesting and uncommon experiences that came out of our work together.

In the process, he and I developed a complete system of healing. We called it Resonant Energeticsâ„¢. It gives the energy healer a framework to insure what they are doing is effective and respectful of their client. And it is open-ended enough to incorporate a wide range of healing modalities.

This system will be part of the upcoming healing class mentioned last week. If you are called to healing work of any kind, I encourage you to learn more and contact me here:


There are only 3 spots still open in the class. It starts August 30th and goes for 6 months. The link above will tell you more.

Next time, we’ll delve into some deeper aspects of the healing process. I think you’ll find it enlightening…

All the best for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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