Deep Systemic Rejuvenationâ„¢

Have you noticed the signals?

I’m talking about the signals from your body when it’s out of balance. I like to compare these signals to a series of escalating messages your body gives you telling you something isn’t quite right.

At the beginning, they are usually subtle and easy to ignore. They might show up as a decrease in your usual energy level, or a vague sense of not feeling ‘right’. Sometimes they’ll be subtle aches and pains you haven’t noticed before.

Almost always you’re able to ignore these early warnings of internal imbalances.

Unfortunately, unless something changes for the signals to stop, the problem will escalate. The messages get louder and louder. Eventually you can no longer ignore them.

Over time these stronger signals become chronic health problems that typically don’t respond well to the usual medical interventions. At worst they end up requiring surgery or other powerful invasive procedures.

Subtle Overload

The above description of how chronic illness comes about is a great example of how small things can add up to something much bigger. I call this process, “subtle overload” because our bodies are constantly adapting to the stress of each subtle little thing. When this goes on long enough, eventually our ability to adapt to diminishes.

It is this loss of adaptive ability that leads us to chronic long-term health problems. Once we reach this point it takes only a small push to send us into a health crisis. Sort of like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The best way to deal with this subtle overload doesn’t simply address symptoms. In other words, we can’t just take a pill and make the problems go away. They are too complex and systemic for that.

A better approach is to do what I call Deep Systemic Rejuvenationâ„¢ (DSR).

How does DSR work?

The best way to illustrate how DSR works is by using a diagram:

Deep Systemic Rejuvenation Diagram

All imbalances in our health originate in the communication between the brain and the body.

As you see from the top of the diagram, brain and body communicate via the nervous system, blood and signaling hormones. This communication is also influenced by the food we eat, exercise and our thoughts and emotions.

Symptoms show up when there are chronic stressors. The body must constantly adapt to rebalance itself.

Some of these chronic stressors are obvious. They include:

  • Mental/Emotional – fear, guilt, excitement, worry, anxiety, grief, depression, financial, divorce, job-related, overwork, trauma and abuse, relationship stress.

  • Physical – fractures, muscle injuries, nerve compression, over-exercise, lack of sleep, chronic illness, dieting.

  • Sense of Purpose – lack of purpose or meaning in life, hopelessness, despair.

Other stressors are more difficult to spot. These ‘hidden stressors’ include:

  • Pathogens – parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses.

  • Toxic Exposure – pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, tobacco residue, drugs, toxic metals, metal in teeth.

  • Food-related – wrong foods, blood sugar problems, alcohol, food additives, food allergies.

  • Physical – structural stress such as misalignment, poor ergonomics and bad posture.

Although the above list seems like a lot to think about, there are ways to address imbalances by starting with the most likely influences in someone’s situation. Since everyone is unique, this may be different for each person.

Fortunately, it is possible to make changes at these deeper levels that pull the plug on chronic symptoms. When there is nothing driving the symptoms, your body returns to its natural, healthy state of balance


Deep Systemic Rejuvenation uses a combination of time-tested ancient healing methods such as herbal medicine, combined with the very best of modern approaches for correcting systemic imbalances. These modern approaches include Metabolic Typing® and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Assessment and treatment can be started by phone and email communication and often doesn’t require direct office visits.

For more information, contact my office at (775) 827-6901 or email me by using this contact form.


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