Chemo Hair Loss Responds Well To Chinese Herbal Formula

“Medicine is the restoration of discordant elements.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Many people have come to me for hair loss problems. It’s given me the chance to discover ways to reverse hair loss.

There are many reasons for hair loss. And because of these patients, I’ve learned that there are herbal remedies for most of them.

Before going on, you should know that I’m not talking about male pattern baldness. That’s a more complex topic. The types of hair loss referred to here are related to illness or medical treatment.

I’ve had a number of patients come in with hair loss after chemotherapy for cancer. Obviously, cancer is a big deal, but chemo hair loss is never a welcome side effect. It often leaves a person with no, or almost no hair on their head. This hair eventually grows back, but is often less healthy than it once was.

Other types of hair loss are caused by stress or nutritional deficiency from illness. Sometimes it shows up as bald spots (alopecia). Other times there is thinning hair.

In all these types of hair loss, there are ways to speed the process of re-growing hair. And there are ways to make the hair stronger and healthier.

Today I want to talk about one herbal ingredient that has shown great success for re-growing hair in chemo patients. But first, it will help if you know a small bit about how Chinese Medicine regards hair. In essence, it considers hair to be an “outgrowth” of the blood.

In other words, the health of your hair reflects the health (strength) of your blood. Of the 9 Chinese herbs that improve hair, 6 of them directly or indirectly strengthen the blood.

Among these herbs, the most profoundly effective for hair growth is called Polygonum multiflori. It’s Chinese name is He Shou Wu. That translates to “Mr. Wu’s Black Hair.” This is a reference to it’s ability to reduce or eliminate gray hair.

He Shou Wu
Prepared He Shou Wu Root

But it also supports healthy hair growth. In Chinese herbal medicine it is classified as a blood tonic. This may explain why it has such a profound effect on hair.

Although some people take He Shou Wu by itself, it is best used along with other herbs in a formula. That’s the way I give it to chemo hair loss patients. It gets combined with a deep support formula. This formula is especially good for chemo patients and those with chronic illness. And, of course, it supports healthy hair re-growth.

You should know also know that the tonic properties of this herb are only present when it has been processed. Raw Polygonum multiflori does not have these properties. That’s why it is crucial to get any formula containing it from a knowledgeable source. That way you can be sure that it is the healthy processed form.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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