“Can Metabolic Typing® Fix My Health Problem?”

I often suggest patients take the Advanced Metabolic Typing® test. This is because eating the right food supports their healing process. They often ask if Metabolic Typing® will ‘fix’ their main health concern.

Metabolic Typing® offers an easy way to find the best foods for bringing your body back into metabolic balance. It is not meant to treat illness per se. Instead, it finds deep imbalances at the root of all health problems. Then these imbalances get taken care of with dietary modifications and nutritional supplements.

The effect of making this type of change can be surprising. After starting my Metabolic Type® plan, I lost 35 pounds while eating more than I had been. My body was hungry for the foods it truly needed. At the same time, many other symptoms went away. Pain, emotional swings, mental fuzziness all got better.

Metabolic Typing® will help bring someone back into balance. The fact that symptoms of imbalance (weight gain, frequent colds, chronic pain, etc.) go away is a kind of secondary effect. This is because when your body is in balance, symptoms cannot exist.

The other common question about Metabolic Typing® (MT) is how it is done. Advanced MT testing is done entirely with an online questionnaire. There are about 160 questions that identify the status of your underlying health balance.

The results are 50 pages of personalized information about your state of balance.

Included is a specific list of the foods. The list shows foods that will help you correct any imbalances. It also shows foods that will push you further out of balance. This is powerful knowledge to have.

You also get guidance about ideal ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These come with guidelines for fine-tuning your results so that they exactly match your unique needs.

Finally, there are also supplement recommendations. These supplements help you speed the process of restoring health.

The cost of the test includes a series of follow-up consultations. These allows us to zero in on the 4 or 5 most important concepts to get results. This makes it much easier to reach your goal quickly.

Metabolic Typing® can be done long-distance. The entire process can be done with email and phone calls. I’ve worked with people in Oregon, Arkansas, Texas and California this way. Using Skype, it’s also possible to work internationally. I’ve worked with patients in Czechoslovakia and Great Britain.

Does Metabolic Typing® ‘fix’ health problems? Although it is not designed to fix any specific health issue directly, in the end symptoms generally get better as your body returns to balance.

And since it does not interfere with any other treatment, MT is a great way to support the healing process.

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