Can Exercise Alone Make You Healthy?

We’ve all been exposed to the idea that exercise is a crucial factor for being healthy, and it is.

But is it the only factor when it comes to being healthy?

For seven years, from 1978 to 1985, I was the co-administrator for a martial arts school in Los Angeles. I also taught several classes at the school. That experience was an amazing opportunity to see the effects of choices people made regarding their health.

When it came to exercising, one student who stands out in my mind. Jim was as dedicated a student as I’ve ever seen. He meditated 2 hours a day from 4:00 to 6:00 am. He also practiced qigong and kung fu several hours a day each. All of this was in addition to his full time job as a professor at USC and spending time with his wife and kids.

If you would have asked me at the time, I would have said that Jim was among the healthiest people I knew. But during the third year I knew Jim, he had a shocking turn of events with his health.

On his birthday that year, his wife made him his favorite desert, key lime pie. Being his favorite, after he finished his first piece, he asked for a second. After all, he told me later, it was his birthday and besides he did so much exercise that certainly one more piece of pie couldn’t hurt.

As it turns out, he was wrong.

Within an hour of eating that second piece of pie, his vision started fading. By the next morning he was almost blind.

Fortunately for Jim, this loss of vision wasn’t permanent. After a few days some of his vision returned. But even so, his night vision was extremely impaired and he could no longer attend classes at the school because they were all held at night and he couldn’t see well enough to drive.

Jim’s unfortunate experience was a great lesson to me. It brought home the fact that even though exercise is important, what we eat can have a very powerful effect on our health no matter how much exercise we get.

I’ve come to think of it this way – if you don’t put the right fuel in your car (food in your body), it doesn’t matter how much or how well you drive it (exercise).

Food for thought…

Dr. Bruce

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