Are You Ready for a Revolution in Healthcare?

In many ways our current healthcare system is on life-support.

If you doubt it, consider that Senator Tom Daschle, when being interviewed for the position as Secretary of Health and Human Services this past January used the term “broken” to describe it. Unfortunately he was less clear about what he intended to do about it if he had been appointed.

Also consider the newly created White House Office of Health Reform. Recognition that something needs to be done goes all the way to the top of government.

As well-meaning as these efforts are, the history of government reform in any area of society is checkered at best. I’m always hopeful such reforms will actually fix something, but am never surprised when they don’t.

Fortunately there are still ways we can speak to lawmakers and voice our opinions on these matters. And one man, Mike Adams, has launched a nationwide campaign to do just that.

If you’re not familiar with Mike’s work, he is also known as the “Health Ranger” for his work in creating greater awareness of natural healing options.

Mike’s newest effort, which he calls the “Health Revolution Petition” makes it easy for everyone concerned with improving the quality of healthcare in the U.S. to be heard.

Among the reforms he asks for are:

  • Rewarding people for taking responsibility for their own healthcare choices by allowing tax deductions for personal healthcare purchases.

  • Freedom of choice for which supplements, herbs and treatment modalities people wish to follow for improving their health.

  • An end to FDA interference with people and companies making truthful claims about natural healthcare supplements. Currently it is illegal for a supplement manufacturer to quote established research in support of one of its products.

  • Stopping big drug company direct and indirect influence over the approval of new drugs.

  • A return to pure science-based, honest research when evaluating a new drug’s safety.

  • Improving protection of the food supply.

  • Better oversight of foods advertised and sold to children.

For a better understanding of everything he mentions, you’ll want to read the whole petition. You can do that here:

Learn more about the Health Revolution Petition by clicking here!

While I don’t always agree with Mike’s political views, I very much support this effort to make an impact on the decision-makers in Washington. He’s aiming for 100,000 signatures on this petition before he delivers it to members of Congress and the President.

As always, I encourage you to make the decision that best reflects your personal feelings and beliefs. However as a reader of “Balance Point”, you are obviously concerned with making healthy choices. Please click this link and review the petition. If you agree, go ahead and fill out the easy form to submit your support.

Sign the Health Revolution Petition by clicking here now!

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