Applied Kinesiology and Intent

Chakra MeditationLast month I gave an example of how intention works. If you want to review it, the article is called Mastery of Intent.

However the basic idea that led to this became clear 12 years earlier.

In Sifu Lew’s healing class, we had the opportunity to play with a variety of techniques. One of these was Applied Kinesiology, more commonly known as muscle testing.

The idea is that the body has distinct, but temporary responses to anything put close to it. A classic example is asking someone to hold a cup of sugar near their solar plexus. You then test the relative strength of a muscle compared to how strong it was before putting the sugar near the body.

The most common response is that the previously strong muscle goes much weaker. Of course this isn’t a lasting weakness, but it does help illustrate a point.

This can be used to test the body’s response to supplements, foods or any other substance.

We were playing with these ideas in the early 1970’s. At the time, Dr. Thie’s book, “Touch for Health” had recently come out. It used the idea that each organ has a specific muscle that reflects the strength of the organ. For example, the latissimus dorsi tests for spleen weakness.

During that same time, another chiropractor, Dr. Robert Riddler, came out with a set of touch points that worked similarly. There were three “maps” of these points. One tested organs, one tested nutrients and one tested body functions.

Dr. Riddler’s points were tested using the same muscle for all points. You touched the point and tested the muscle. The organ or nutrient associated with the point,  in the strength of the muscle.reflected

Do you see anything interesting in these two systems?

One thing you might notice is that a specific muscle doesn’t have to be associated with a specific organ or nutrient.

The other interesting thing we realized is that the key to what was being tested by a particular muscle was the intent of the practitioner.

Now THAT was interesting!

Why? Because if the healer’s intent was the determining factor, then the system of muscle associations (Dr. Thie) or the system of point associations (Dr. Riddler) were not so important. They were more like useful ways to organize information.

We began experimenting. Before long it was clear that if you avoid preconceptions about the outcome, you can literally test anything. The key is clear intent.

And since we were practicing the Shen exercises, we had the tool for clearing intention.

With this concept, possibilities are endless. If you can get a clear idea of something you want to test – an emotion, a memory, a belief – you could determine the health of it by testing.

Next time, I’ll talk about Resonant Energeticsâ„¢. It takes these ideas to a whole new level. And it makes it possible to heal any aspect of a human being that is out of balance.

All the best for your health and happiness.

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

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