Alternative Medicine News – September 8, 2014

Al Sears
Muscle Melting Malarky

Dr. Al Sears is angry.

At what? He’s mad at the big pharmacy companies for the way they push their drugs.

In this article, he focuses on statins. You know these as cholesterol lowering drugs. He talks about how they are sold through doctors. Doctors, as you may know, get what amount to bribes to encourage them to prescribe drugs.

But that isn’t the only problem with statins. Not by a long shot. How about these facts?

  • They melt away your muscles.

  • They make you feel old and weak.

  • They just might kill you.

Other than that, they are fine. Well, except for the fact that there is absolutely no correlation between cholesterol and heart attack risk. That means they are not only dangerous, but also useless. Good combo, wouldn’t you say?

You can get the whole story here.

15 Healthiest Foods

Some of the best medicine for you is food.

Here is a slide show and article detailing 15 of the best foods to support your health.

I like this list. You will find numerous sources of protein. There are also spices and herbs. It also lists specific forms of foods that add value to the original food. Sometimes it’s how you prepare it that counts.

You’ll be happy to see butter on the list as well as avocado and eggs. It’s worth a look for the details. Learn more here.

The Crux
Your Doctor Isn’t As Smart As You Think

This article is written by a doctor, so he knows a thing or two about the subject.

The topic is how well doctors understand the risks and rewards of test results. Specifically, how well they understand the math behind those results. The answer is, “Not too well.”

He gives an example of the problem with doctor’s math skills. However the important part is what this means to you.

For example, false positives can be as much as 50 times greater than real positives. A false positive means the disease shows up on the test, but really isn’t there. And if the doctor doesn’t take this into account, it can lead to costly and invasive treatments that aren’t necessary.

The real problem happens when doctors don’t take into account the bigger symptoms.

Find out more here.

Primal Docs
Why Am I So Tired?

Fatigue is a big deal these days.

This article addresses the 5 most obvious reasons someone is tired all the time. If you are always tired, this article is for you.

Of course part of the list is obvious. Poor sleep is the first on the list. But the article does give you a lot of information about what you can do.

The other 4 reasons are very common as well. And the article also lists helpful tips on these causes.

Get the full scoop here.

Your Medical Detective
Reverse Color Blindness

8% of the U.S. population is color blind. That means one out of 12 people have problems seeing certain colors well.

One cause of this is exposure to toxins. Two in particular are very common. They are used in dry cleaning. In addition, mercury can cause this problem. Also, phthalates from food packaging, nail polish and plastic water bottles can be culprits.

Color blindness isn’t deadly. But is it an early warning that you may have exposure to toxins. The article tells you what to do about this.

Find our more here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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