Alternative Medicine News – September 24, 2012

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Jon Barron
Superbug UpdateYou have no doubt heard about the development of superbugs.

Superbugs are strains of bacteria that resist all modern antibiotics. That makes them very dangerous. They can’t be easily controlled.

The elderly and people with weak immune systems are especially at risk. Also, people with diabetes, chronic lung disease or alcoholism.

These germs developed from over-use of antibiotics. With powerful antibiotics, only the most adaptive and resistant strains survive and multiply. These are used in humans and livestock. That means resistant strains are also showing up in feedlots.

The first places these were spotted were hospitals. This makes sense since there are so many sick people there. Now they are showing up in nursing homes and long-term-care facilities.

What’s worse, these bugs are now spreading outside of such places. They travel on surfaces like shoes, skin & clothes.

There are two of these superbugs that are especially troubling. They are C. diff. and K. pneumonia.

Fortunately, at least for now, there must be four conditions present for someone to be vulnerable. Jon Barron has all the details. You can read about them here. Study Says Organic Food “No Healthier”I just love headlines like this. The exact headline is, “Organic food no healthier than non-organic”.

It sounds suspicious already.

And, as often happens, the details of the story don’t match the headline.

Stanford and Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto did the study. They wanted to compare conventional and organic food in two ways. First, they looked at nutrients. Then they looked at drugs, pesticides and bacteria.

They found that in the samples they tested, the nutrient levels were similar. However there was more of some nutrients in the organic food.

The biggest difference was in levels of contamination. There were no antibiotics, and much less bacteria and pesticide residue in the organics.

So contrary to the headline, the study shows organic food is healthier. Especially because of much less contamination. This goes double for meats and poultry.

My wife, Lauren, pointed this one out to me. This is a Reuters story on Yahoo! news. You can get the details here.

Bottom Line Health Niacin Stops SuperbugsIf the article above about superbugs concerned you, this should help.

The conventional medical approach to emerging super germs is to create stronger drugs. But since the bugs adapt much faster than new drugs are made, it ends up being a losing battle.

A recent study shows that Niacin (vitamin B3) increases immune strength by as much as 1,000 times. That’s an amazing increase!

The research showed that B3 fights the worst superbug, S. aureus. But it also fights other human pathogens. So it provides broad protection. And it does so by supporting your body’s own immune response. That’s the best of both worlds.

Thanks to Judy Persin for sending this my way. You can read the article on the Natural News site here.

Natural News
Blueberries Protect Your HeartYou already know that blueberries are good for you.

Their benefits include:

  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Fighting cancer
  • Protecting from Alzheimer’s

Now, new research shows they also protect against oxidative damage to blood vessels.

The research was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. It showed dramatic protection against oxidation damage in the walls of blood vessels.

If you’ve read Balance Point for a while, you know that oxidation is one of the biggest causes of heart disease. This study is great news about a tasty way to protect yourself.

You can read the story and get the details on the Functional Medicine University site here.

Medicine World
Acrylamide Does Not Cause Colon CancerHere’s a twist.

Last year there were many stories about acrylamide being a major cause of cancer.

If you don’t recognize the name, acrylamide is a byproduct of cooking foods at high temperature. The worst offenders are fried carbs. Fries, pretzels & popcorn top the list.

But the latest information says the link with cancer isn’t there. At least it isn’t in humans.

The original concern came from research with rats. That’s when they found the link with colon cancer. But a study of humans failed to show that link. And other similar studies show the same thing.

So it looks like the hubbub last year may have been for nothing.

Medicine World has the story. The link is here.

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Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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