Alternative Medicine News – November 17, 2014

Al Sears
An Easy Way to Counter the Effects of Carbs

Have you heard of resistant starches?

Most people have never heard the term. But it’s a critical piece for neutralizing the effects of carbs.

This idea isn’t new. In fact, many cultures have historically used these foods to reduce the negative effects of carbs.

Even better, eating them has a carry-on effect. In other words, it benefits you through to the next meal.

So what are these special starches? I’d hate to spoil the surprise. You can get all the information here.

Is Your Doctor Still Telling You These 10 Nutrition Myths?

Most MDs have only basic nutrition training.

That’s bad enough considering the importance of food for health. But when you add to it the fact that much of what they learned is not true, it compounds the error.

This article lists 10 of the most common food myths. Your doctor may believe some or all of these.

Here is a sampling:

  • Eggs are bad for your heart (they aren’t).
  • Low-fat foods prevent obesity (they don’t).
  • Soy is health food (it isn’t).

See the other 7 food lies here.

Green Med Info
Male Performance Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

You no doubt see many ads, even emails, for ED drugs.

The problem with these drugs is that they carry heavy side effects. Possible problems include liver or kidney toxicity. Some men have gone blind from using them. And there are other serious potential issues.

But if you experience erectile problems, what else can you do? It turns out, quite a bit.

This article says it offers 13 natural alternatives to the prescription drugs. In reality, it offers 11 alternatives and 2 things to avoid.

If you or someone you love has this problem, this article can help. There are a few other remedies I recommend to my patients, but this list is pretty good.

Find the info here.

Your Medical Detective
Are You Drinking “Pharmawater”?

How many drugs are in your drinking water?

If you think there aren’t any, you might be wrong. That’s because many drugs make their way into underground water. These include (among others):

  • antibiotics
  • anti-convulsants
  • mood stabilizers
  • sex hormones

At least 41 million Americans have one or more in their water. This information comes from an Associated Press report. It lists findings by city and general location.

If you are concerned about this (you should be), I recommend that you get the best water filter you can afford. I personally like reverse osmosis.

Get the details here.

Buffer App
8 Common Thinking Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day and How to Prevent Them

All of us make mental mistakes.

But did you know there are specific categories of these mistakes?

This article does a great job of presenting these thinking errors in an entertaining way. Some of these have fancy sounding names. However, when you see what they are,you will most likely recognize some that you have done or might still do.

What is the advantage of knowing this? It will help you get out of habitually stuck thinking patterns. And that’s a good thing.

Find our more here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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