Alternative Medicine News – November 10, 2014

Jonathan Wright
Alzheimer’s Can Now Be Detected Early

Want to know how well you are thinking? There’s now a test for that.

The test is called SAGE and comes from researchers at Ohio State University. Dr. Wright tells how to find and download the test.

I found the test pretty easy. But if someone is having the very start of thinking problems, they might not do so well.

In addition to the test, Dr. Wright offers six recommendations to avoid and treat cognitive problems. These will be most effective if done in the early stages of decline. I would add to his list, taking coconut oil daily.

How do you think you will do on the test? Take it and find out. Get all the information here.

Alliance for Natural Health
Large Study Adds to Evidence that Organic Food Is Superior

It’s higher in antioxidants and lower in pesticide residues.

Higher antioxidants means you get more natural protection from oxidative stress. That can reduce inflammation and other chronic problems.

Lower pesticide residues mean your body has less of a toxic load to deal with. In modern times, any way you can reduce toxicity is a plus. And since conventional food has as much as 4 times the pesticide residue, it’s no contest.

In other words, when you buy organic, you are getting more for your money. People who avoid organic because it costs more are missing the hidden costs of conventional foods. Less nutrition and more pesticides are substantial hidden costs.

There is more detail in this article. You can read about it here.

Green Med Info
Cholesterol Drugs Cause Multiple Health Problems for Men

Statins have problems.

Besides the fact that lowering cholesterol may not be a guarantee of heart health, they create other health issues. Lots of them.

For example, they can cause erectile dysfunction. And they lower testosterone. Neither are good for men’s quality of life.

New research shows that they also reduce fertility. In addition, they may contribute to hardening of arteries.

Want more? How about that they weaken muscles, including heart muscle. Or what about the fact that they may disrupt vascular function. None of that helps your heart, I guarantee.

Oh, and did I mention that they impair immunity and increase cancer risk? How about that they contribute to diabetes?

If you still have doubts, I recommend you look at the article here.
3 Ailments Acupuncture Can Help

Most people think of acupuncture for pain. And it is good for many types of pain.

But there are many other ways acupuncture improves health. For example, it can improve sports performance.

And depending on the approach, acupuncture can also help reduce stress. It can help improve mental clarity. And it can give you more energy.

But did you know it also can:

  • Help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Treat menopausal hot flashes.
  • Relieve osteoarthritis in the knee.

I see improvements in all these areas regularly in my practice.

Get the details here.

Dr. Mark Hyman
You Can’t Exercise Your Way Out of a Bad Diet

Calories in, calories out. That’s how you lose weight, right?

Well, yes and no.

It makes about as much sense to never exercise if you eat well as it does to eat poorly and exercise a lot. You need both.

The key is the quality of your food. Whole, fresh and natural should be your watch words.

How do you know? If you eat pizza and drink beer, no matter how much exercise you get, you will never look like you are in shape. And you will never be as fit as you might be. In other words, you will be squandering your exercise time.

This article lists 6 reasons to avoid the trap of thinking exercise is the only thing to focus on. I think you’ll like the article. Find our more here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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