Alternative Medicine News – May 5, 2014

Bottom Line
This Vitamin Slows Down Alzheimer’s Disease

There is no conventional medicine treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. At least there isn’t one that is effective.

Now research has shown that vitamin E can delay it’s progress. It can even help reduce the amount of care they need.

That’s a major benefit from a simple vitamin.

The study compared vitamin E with memantine. Memantine is a drug used for Alzheimer’s patients. There are details in the article linked below.

The bottom line was that vitamin E showed a better response than the drug. It also showed a better response that the drug with vitamin E or the placebo group. That’s impressive.

The improvements also lasted. They tracked patients for over 2 years.

Learn more about this promising development here.

Alliance for Natural Health
FDA Needs a Lesson in Supplement Science

Everyone needs vitamin A.

Unfortunately, the FDA has new labeling guidelines that will make it harder for you to tell how much you are getting.

How? By changing the way they measure it. The effect will be a one-size-fits-all approach. Hopefully, your “size” is the one they are measuring.

In related news, FDA guidelines are also changing how folic acid is labeled. Again, it will make it hard to tell what you’re getting. Ditto for vitamin E.

These are the folks who control what we eat?

For the details of these and other changes coming from the FDA, see the article here.

Al Sears
Your Brain on B Vitamins

Actually, this headline is misleading. The article is only about B12.

However B12 is so important, that this is a useful read. After all, B12 protects your brain. It also improves how well your nerves work.

Dr. Sears lays it all out. He talks about the best natural source for B12. He gives you a list of the best sources.

And if you can’t get enough from food, he also talks about the ideal ways to supplement it. There is a link in the article to a source for one of these, but the bottom line is that any brand of spray or lozenge form of B12 is fine. Just make sure it is methycobalamin (not cyanocobalamin).


Get the scoop by clicking here.

‘Food Fraud’ A Growing Problem In Grocery Stores

Foods you eat every day could include things you don’t want.

This problem, called food fraud, is more common than you might think. Many common foods include ingredients that aren’t supposed to be the there.

Sadly, this is a growing problem.

What foods might be affected? Here is a short list:

  • Fish

  • Honey

  • Milk

  • Orange juice

  • Olive oil

Learn how these foods are tainted and with what in this article.

Natural News
Vermont Passes GMO Labeling Law

Not doubt about it, GMO foods are controversial.

The amount of pesticides they require. Whether foods containing them are labeled. What effects they have on the body. All are in question.

This past week, Vermont legislators passed the first ever mandatory labeling law for GMO foods. This is huge. No other state has done this. And the governor has said he will sign the bill.

Big agriculture companies have been suit happy in the past. That’s why the bill also includes 1.5 million dollars to help fight law suits that will likely come from this.

Learn something about the ethics of Monsanto and other companies in fighting these types of laws. Also learn about the details of this groundbreaking law. Get the details here.

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