Alternative Medicine News – May 20, 2013

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Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick

New mattresses can be toxic.

The reason is that they are required to be flame retardant. The law went into effect in 2007. All new mattresses in the U.S. have PBDE in them.

The chemical is so toxic it has been banned in Canada and Europe. It accumulates in the body. It leads to brain damage, low sperm quality and thyroid problems. At high levels it can cause cancer.

And they want us to spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping on this stuff every day?

There are alternatives. For example there is a company making organic mattresses. You can learn more about this issue in the linked article. This is another link from reader Karen I.

The article is here.

Green Med Info
Probiotics Change Brain Activity, Emotional Response

What you eat affects you. I know, that sounds like a ‘duh’ statement. But hear me out. Food affects you at more levels than you might think.

This article mentions a study at UCLA where brain activity was measured in a group of women. Then they drank either placebo or probiotic milk for 4 weeks. There were significant differences in brain activity in the probiotic group.

The probiotic group had increased ability to process emotions. They also had better signals from their senses.

This study points out the brain/gut connection. I found it very interesting. You can read it here.

Functional Medicine University
Do You Know Your Score? (You Should)

There is a single test that can tell you a lot about your risk of heart disease.

The name of the test is the Coronary Calcium Score. This test is done by an specialized x-ray. It looks for calcium build up in plaque on artery walls. If they are present, it increases the danger of heart disease.

How much?

In a nutshell, if your score is 10 or under, you have less than 3% chance of a heart attack in the next year. The risk is 30% over the next ten years (assuming it stayed the same).

If your score is 101-400, your chances go to 12% each year. That’s 120% in the next ten years.

If your score is over 400, you have a 50% chance of a heart attack within the next year. If so, you need to get very serious about your plans for reversing it, NOW.

Functional Medicine University has the story. You can see it here.

Bottom Line Health
Acupuncture Relieves Cancer Fatigue

Cancer treatment can be devastating.

Most patients become very tired. You can imagine how this affects their quality of life. It goes downhill.

Now there is a study that shows acupuncture can help with this problem. That’s pretty good news.

What struck me reading this article was the generic way the acupuncture was done. Everyone got basically the same three points. Talk about one size fits all!

I do applaud such studies. They show that acupuncture is, indeed, powerful medicine. However the very nature of this kind of study means that patient aren’t getting individualized care.

Since what I do all day, every day is acupuncture. I feel it is important to note that these patients would have gotten much better improvement if the treatment was designed to address their unique needs.

Still, the article is worth reading. It talks about the effect this treatment had even on skeptics. Turns out they didn’t have to believe it to benefit. Acupuncture really is powerful medicine.

Read the details here.

Life Extension
Telomere Length Associated With A Number Of Age-Related Diseases

Long time readers know that telomeres point to longevity.

As a refresher, telomeres are part of DNA. They cap the ends of chromosomes. And they get shorter over time. The shorter they are, the closer someone is to death.

This article highlights research in Europe on telomeres. They found that the shorter they are, the more likely a person was to many diseases. These included cancer, heart disease and MS.

Of course the mainstream still doesn’t have a ‘drug’ that stops telomeres from shortening. So they think it can’t be changed. But there are ways to protect them. Some of these are as simple as exercise. There are also herbs that work to rebuild DNA at this deep level. The article doesn’t mention any of this.

Still, I found it interesting. You can read the article here.

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