Alternative Medicine News – March 4, 2013

Bottom Line
Don’t Be Fooled By the BS in Drug Ads

The basic reason you see drugs advertised is… wait for it… NOT to improve your health.

Surprised? As a Balance Point reader, I hope not.

So at the risk of stating the obvious, here is the real reason: To sell more drugs. And the newer and more expensive the drug, the better.

Sadly, even doctors are swayed by the advertising. Hopefully your doctor is more conscientious than that. Hopefully he or she will have done their own research on the side effects, cross effect and downsides of any drug they recommend.

So how do these ads work? The work by using the following techniques:

  • Using misleading language
  • Glossing over side effects
  • Making normal conditions sound like medical problems
  • Skewing study data
  • Giving free samples to doctors to get you hooked
  • Offering financial help so you can afford the high priced drugs

Remember how we were warned against drug pushers? Guess who that is now. If you said, “Drug companies,” go to the head of the class.

For more detail, Bottom Line has a great article about all this. It includes links to sites that will help you “just say no” to unnecessary drugs. See the article here.

Life Extension
Cerebral White Matter Lesions Linked To Reduced Tocopherol Levels

The short version – vitamin E helps you have a healthy brain.

Researchers have shown that lower levels of E are associated with brain lesions. These are damaged areas that interfere with normal function

And it’s probably no surprise that in smokers, the damage was even greater.

The other factor was lower levels of vitamin C.

That’s pretty much the summary, but if you want to see the whole report, you can view it on the Life Extension web site. You’ll find it here.

Green Med Info
One Hour of Light Therapy Reduces Depression

Sunlight is good for you.

Not only does it help your body create vitamin D, it’s also good for your spirits. And now there’s research proof.

The research used bright light therapy. The control group got dim light therapy. The bright light group improved depression by 120-130%.

The best mood boost came at around 40 minutes of exposure. More wasn’t any better.

Green Med Info has the scoop. You can see the article here.

Food Industry Is Waging War On Your Cells With These 10 Toxic Ingredients

Longer shelf life can mean shorter human life.

The preservatives and additives used in processed foods help keep them sellable longer. That’s great for the manufacturer. They can sell food that is months, or even years old. It still looks and tastes the same as it did out of the factory.

But there is a cost for this chemical intervention. Preservatives that reduce mold and fungus also choke out nutrients and oxygen in the body. And that’s not good for your health.

Here is a list of the types of things that show up in packaged, canned & bottled foods:

  • Preservatives
  • Chemical coloring agents
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Anti-caking agents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Artificial sweeteners

And to spot these you have to be a label detective.

Of course there’s an alternative. Eat only whole, fresh, natural foods. Ideally, eat those grown organically.

However, if you do eat some pre-packaged food, you’ll want to read this article. It gives the details about what to look for. You’ll find the info here.

Balance Point Blog
Kaiser Permanente Issues Warning On Genetically Engineered Food

Evidence is mounting that GMO foods are not safe.

Now there’s a major force in the health care industry that is warning us to avoid them.

Kaiser Permanente stopped short of making the warning an official policy. However, they did present the warning as important information for their members to have.

The basis for their view is that there is not sufficient testing of long-term effects on human health. This reminds me of the cyclamate sweetener banned in the U.S. in 1970. It was approved without sufficient testing.

The same is true of GMO foods. Not enough human testing has been done for long-term effects. And the animal studies show very serious problems.

For the details of what Kaiser said, see the article here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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