Alternative Medicine News – March 24, 2014

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Do You Have a Bully for a Doctor?

Doctors are all too human.

One way this shows up is that some of them may act like bullies. You, or someone you know may have run across this type of doctor.

The potential damage medical bullying can cause is great. But there are lesser degrees of this damage as well.

Here is an article that talks about this issue. It lists three different types of bullying doctors. It also gives you guidelines to identify if your doctor is acting like this. And it offers some solutions.

Learn more here.

Jonathan Wright
Another Brain Benefit of Omega-3

DHA is on of the essential omega-3 fatty acids. That means your body doesn’t make it. You must get it from food.

There are many benefits from omega-3. Now you can add one more: it keeps your memory sharp.

Evidence for this comes from research at University of Alberta. In the study, they found that DHA improved relay of messages from one memory cell to another. That’s a big deal, especially as you age.

And although the Alberta study was done with rats, there are also human studies that show this benefit.

You can get the details on Dr. Jonathan Wright’s site here.

Reno Acupuncture
Most People Lose Energy After 50

The only thing worse that getting older is that the alternative is death.

Case in point is that both men and women often find they have less energy as they age. That decreases their ability to get things done and enjoy life.

There are lots of reasons for this. These include diet, exercise and stress.

Thankfully, there are things that can help. Making better dietary choices, for example. Exercising more and finding other ways to reduce stress also help.

But if those aren’t enough, there are specialized herbs that can help. There are herbs suitable for both men and women. There are also herbs specifically focused for each.

If you think these might be useful, it is important to consult someone knowledgeable about them. This is something I do in my practice in Reno. Consultations can be done in person, or by phone and email. You can contact me by clicking here.

If you want more information on anti-aging herbs for men, click here.

Health Freedom Alliance
What Are Your Cravings Telling You?

Your body is always giving you feedback.

One example of this is your cravings. They are often telling you about things that are missing in your diet.

This article has a great graphic in it that shows some of these connections. It tells you what you are likely missing if you crave various foods. Here is a list of the cravings shown:

  • Chocolate,
  • Sweets
  • Breads, Pasta, etc.
  • Oily & Fatty Foods
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Salty Foods
  • Soda / Carbonated Drinks
  • Pre-menstrual Cravings

If any of these apply to you, I recommend looking at this article.

Alliance for Natural Health
Anxiety: Powerful Natural Solutions

I am seeing more people in my practice who suffer from anxiety.

There are many pharmaceutical remedies available. But all of them have serious potential side effects. These include addiction or dependency as well as liver damage.

As a result, many people are looking for natural ways to cope with anxiety. But what solutions work?

Here is an article that talks about this issue. It discusses supplements you can take. It also lists other treatments and techniques that have been shown to be effective. These include acupuncture and meditation.

If you want the details, you’ll find them here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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