Alternative Medicine News, March, 2012

Lots of health-related news this month. Here is a summary of some of the best. You will also find links to the original sources.


A Natural, 3-in-One Heart Protector

There are many problems with statin drugs. They can cause serious side effects. These include muscle pain, weakness, and liver problems. And, they can contribute to creating type 2 diabetes.But there is a natural supplement that not only doesn’t have these problems, it also provides greater benefits than statins.

The name of the supplement is policosanol. Like statins, it lowers LDL cholesterol. But unlike statins it also raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol. At the same time, it helps lower the chance of blood clots.

Read more about this at the Functional Medicine University web site. They also list best dosages to take.  Here is the link.

Some Big Fat Myths… About Fat

Jon Baron’s Baseline of Health site is a great resource for in-depth research. In this article, he lists 5 persistent myths about the effects of fat on health.But before he does, he examines a recent study that, on its surface, looks like it condemns fat as a cause of inflammation. But a closer look dispels that conclusion.

He goes on to show that not all saturated fats are bad and not all trans-fats are bad.

This is a fairly long article, but well worth the read if you really want to understand the difference between good and bad fats. You can read more here.

Bottom Line Health
Pain Relief – Are There Natural Remedies?

More than 30 million Americans take conventional painkillers daily for a variety of ailments. These include arthritis, headaches, sore muscles and back or neck pain.While these drugs are good at temporarily relieving pain, they all have unhealthful side effects. This is especially true if used over time for chronic conditions. They can irritate the stomach, cause stomach and intestinal ulcers and increase heart disease risk.

Here is an article on Bottom Line Health by Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD. He lists 4 natural pain killing substances that not only reduce inflammation, but also lower stiffness and swelling. And they do so without major side effects so common in over-the-counter and prescription pain meds.

As a bonus in this short, easy-to-read article, he gives recommended dosages and when to avoid taking each one. At the bottom of the article, he has a chart of which one is best for what type of pain.

Read the details here.

Not Exactly Splendid

Here’s yet another attempt at pushing unhealthy chemicals as some sort of health food.This latest example comes from the folks that gave you Sucralose (brand name, Splendaâ„¢). They’ve taken this liver-toxic, chlorinated sweetener and added a smattering of vitamins and some fiber to it. They call it “Splenda essentialsâ„¢”.

The amount of these 5 vitamins is miniscule. And the amount of fiber per packet is a joke. But that doesn’t stop them from trying to pass it off as a kind of healthy alternative.

Which is ironic given that Sucralose is in the same chemical category as bleach, chlordane and the highly toxic DDT. Side effects from using it include interfering with intestinal flora and, ironically, weight gain.

My take? Neither “essential” nor splendid.

You can read more about the study on the Alliance for Natural Health website. The article includes a chart showing the laughably small amounts of added nutrients. The link is here.

Bombs Away!

For Balance Point Blog readers, it’s a given that sugar and refined carbohydrates are sugar bombs. But there is another food that also qualifies.The food? The lowly potato.

Everyone’s favorite root vegetable is, as it turns out, a regular starch bomb. And because it is such a simple carbohydrate, it turns into sugar very quickly.

Of course you can always argue that there are some vitamins and minerals in a potato. And you’d be right.

But think about it… most of the healthy minerals are in the skin. And most people eat potatoes without the skin. Think mashed, fried, etc.

However even if you eat the skin, the bulk of the potato is starch. And that turns directly into sugar. And sugar promotes weight gain. So if you’re struggling to manage your proper weight, a serving of potatoes is actually WORSE for you than a 12-ounce Coke!

Get all the details on the Health Sciences Institute web site here.

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Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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