Alternative Medicine News – March 17, 2014

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Hormone Troubles in Men

Out-of-whack hormones often affect women. But they are just as important for men.

For example, the stress hormone cortisol has a major effect on quality of life for men. Others include DHEA, norepinephrine, testosterone and even estrogen and progesterone. These affect everything from mood, sleep and memory to inflammation, heart disease risk and overall energy levels.

Both men and women have the same hormones. It’s just that the levels vary depending on your gender, and they often change significantly throughout life. So if you are a middle-aged or older man and aren’t satisfied with your overall health, your hormones may be the culprit.

This article gives you some good practical suggestion of how to support hormones. It also offers signs that yours may be out of balance.

Learn more here.

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Al Sears
Swap the Starch for These Tasty Treats

It is hard to lose weight by depriving yourself. And depriving yourself of starch is one of the best ways to lose weight.

But do you have to suffer to lose weight? Not according to Dr. Al Sears.

In this article he gives you 5 excellent substitutes for starch. And he tells you how to use them.

By using these you’ll find your food tastier. Also, you won’t get the blood sugar spikes that cause inflammation and fat gain. Plus, your body will get the nutrient-dense and energizing foods it needs so you can have optimal health all year

You can get the details here.

Jon Barron
GMO: It May Not Be What You Think

GMOs are inevitable.

At least that’s what Jon Barron believes. As a result, he takes a hard look at what they are, and what they are not.

He debunks many of the myths surrounding them. That includes the idea of how prevalent they are in the food chain. He also gives some good insight about the dangers they do, or do not represent.

Is he for them? Not exactly. His approach is that they have to be managed more carefully. In fact he points out several ways current GMO companies are, as he says, “evil.”

He has some compelling ideas. And he will encourage you to think past your own feelings about them to consider the bigger environmental impact.

You can learn more by clicking here.

Health Freedom Alliance
Exercise May Be the Most Effective Weapon Against Aging

People who exercise are healthier.

Sounds like a pretty obvious statement, doesn’t it? But there is more to it than you might know. Recent research shows that exercise slows or even reversed the effects of aging.

That’s pretty big news.

But the details are even more interesting. Gonads, spleen, and liver all actually improved. In fact, every tissue they looked at got better.

These results were better than any other intervention tried. Calorie restriction and drugs were less effective than exercise in reversing aging.

If you were looking for yet another reason to hit the gym, this might be it. Read the details here.

Green Med Info
2 Popular Foods May Turn Immune System Against Brain

There are two foods you are likely eating that you might reconsider.

Why? Because they are implicated in triggering immune responses that attack your nervous system.

The two foods, wheat and milk, are in almost everyone’s diet.

Does this mean there is a direct, one-to-one relationship? No. But many research papers show adverse reactions to these two foods. The research shows these associated with diabetes, allergies and multiple sclerosis.

In fact, wheat and other gluten-containing foods have over 200 adverse health effects associated with them. Milk has over 50.

If you want the details, you’ll find them here.

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Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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