Alternative Medicine News – March 10, 2014

Bottom Line
Acupuncture Relieves Depression

People often think of acupuncture for pain. But it is also excellent for other things.

A recent study done in England showed acupuncture helps depression. In fact, it worked better than medication alone. It was even better than medication plus counseling. That is surprising to some people.

In general, acupuncture is excellent for emotional issues. Stress, anxiety, depression all respond well. My experience is that the best type for this is Classical Five Element Acupuncture. It works to restore balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Learn more about this study here.

Al Sears
Sugar Switches Off Your Love Life

Candy for your sweetheart may not be the best idea.

Why? Because sugar lowers hormones related to libido. This happens in both men and women.

The key is the sugar’s effect on SBGH. SBGH controls the amount of sex hormones in the blood. When you eat sugar, it causes these hormones to go down. That’s not good for your love life.

Find out how this happens, as well as some healthy alternatives. Dr. Al Sears gives you the details here.

Natural Society
Ginger Protects You From MSG Damage

MSG is a toxic food additive. You find it in a variety of foods, especially packaged foods.

But it’s not good for you. It is toxic to your brain. It is literally able to excite your cells to death. Avoiding MSG is the best way to protect yourself.

However, recent research shows ginger may be able to further protect you if you happen to eat some. It might even reverse the damage that’s already been done.

This information is crucial if you want to protect your brain. See more, here.

Is Your Brain Shrinking?: What You Need to Know

Looks like it’s bad news day for sugar.

If you saw the Al Sears article above, you know it can turn off your love life. Now, there is evidence that it also shrinks your brain.

The study, published in “Neurology”, demonstrated that the marker for high blood sugar, A1C, is associated with a shrinking brain. The higher the marker, the smaller the brain.

This is important because it isn’t just your current blood sugar. A1C measures average blood sugar over the past 90 days. I’ll bet you didnt know sugar damage was cumulative. It turns out it is.

Read the details here.

Reno Acupuncture
The Irony Of Aging

As people get older they gain experience and wisdom.

But as we grow over time, unfortunately our bodies tend to decline. So just when we might be reaching the peak of wisdom, our ability to act in the world is less.

Modern times seem to accelerate this process. Higher levels of stress, lower quality of food and busier lives all contribute.

One way to deal with this is by supporting your health as you age. You already know the most common ways to do this. These include exercise, eating higher quality food and practicing stress management.

But if these aren’t enough there are other things you can do. There are herbs, for example, that support healthy aging. In Chinese Medicine, these are part of the tonic herbs. They increase available vital energy. And unlike stimulants, they do so by supporting your body’s own natural energy.

There are natural ways to slow or even reverse the downside symptoms of aging. I will be giving a one-hour talk in Reno on March 20, 2014 about some rare herbs that increase a man’s quality of life. The talk is also open to women who want to support their men’s health as they age. For more information, click here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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