Alternative Medicine News – June 30, 2014

Jon Rappaport
ADHD in the New Education

Jon Rappoport is an investigative reporter with strong opinions.

Case in point is this article on changes in education. In it, he makes the case that modern education promotes short attention spans. But that’s not all.

In essence, he says the quick-cut world of media and internet have migrated into the classroom. And he backs it up with examples.

For instance, he quotes a modern sociologist saying about education, “There is no longer a division between opinion and fact.” Yikes!

He quotes another educator critiquing a lesson plan. “There are too many examples and exercises here. You have to move things along faster.”

The end result of this approach is young minds being unhinged from accomplishment and continuity. This can’t be good for their future. And it can’t be good for their self-esteem.

See the article here.

Health Freedom
What Organic Food Is and What It Isn’t

Attention shoppers – read your labels!

This is generally good advice. But it is easy to miss small things. For example, did you know that foods with the USDA organic label only have to be 95% organic? Before reading this article, I hadn’t known that.

Even if it says, “Certified Organic” on it, it only has to be 95%.

In fairness, the other 5% can only come from an approved list of ingredients. But this list includes potentially cancer-causing items.

What’s the answer? How can you know for sure that everything is organic? One way is to eat whole, fresh, natural foods. A head of organic lettuce has no additives. The other way is to only buy packaged foods that say they are “100% Organic.”

Learn more details here.

Bottom Line
Simple Way to Stop Overeating

Sometimes simple is better.

When it comes to overeating, this is especially true. If you find yourself being stuffed after most meals, this information can help.

In modern times, we are often distracted when eating. That makes knowing when you are full harder. You miss your body’s signal that it doesn’t need any more food.

The beauty of this approach is that you don’t have to focus on how you feel every moment while eating. Who can do that anyway?

Instead, you use a 5-point scale. And you only check in with yourself three times when eating. Much easier.

Get the details here.

Natural Society
GMO Foods Must Be Labeled Where?

There is hot debate over GMOs worldwide.

Some countries have banned them outright. Others require labeling.

This article on the Natural Society website talks about a couple of GMO issues. For one, it has a graphic showing which countries require labeling. There are 64 of them. You have to click the graphic to enlarge it.

You might be surprised at which countries make GMO labeling mandatory. Want a hint? Russia, China and even Ethiopia require it. The U.S? With the exception of Vermont, no GMO labels are necessary.

The article also mentions another, even bigger issue about GMOs. It has to do with contamination of organic produce.

I recommend you read the article by clicking here.

Al Sears
Soy is NOT a Health Food

Soy makes up 1 in 10 calories eaten in the U.S.

If that surprises you, you need to know more.

This article by Dr. Al Sears highlights some of the worst aspects of soy. From hormone imbalance to toxic processing to GMO soy, he hits them all.

As a Balance Point reader, you should know plenty about the problems with soy. This is a very good summary of all the reasons to avoid it. And if you just have to have soy in your diet, he tells you how to make that happen in the healthiest way.

You will find the information here…

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Dr. Bruce

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