Alternative Medicine News – June 3, 2013

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Fascinating Facts About Sleep

Sleep heals.

You know this from your own experience. When you don’t get enough, your quality of life suffers. This is also true if you don’t sleep well.

This article offers up some very interesting facts related to sleep. For example, did you know that waking up once in the night is normal? There is evidence that this is a natural rhythm for humans.

Also, sleeping pills only add 11 minutes of sleep on average. That’s not much. And considering the side effects, it’s most likely not worth it.

You might also be interested in what research shows about sleeping alone. It may surprise you.

This article is well-written and entertaining. And you will learn some great facts for getting enough sleep. Find it here.

Bottom Line
Gua Sha… Pain Relief

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese treatment for muscle and joint pain.

The process is simple. Aromatic oil is placed on the skin over the affected area. Then an round-edged, hand held object is moved across the skin.

After a bit, any stagnant toxic material emerges. It usually shows up as redness. It can also look purple or brown.

The experience isn’t painful. Instead, it usually causes deep relaxation.

If you want more details about the technique, this is a well-written article. You’ll find it here.

Green Med Info
Does Conventional Medical Training Destroy Empathy?

If you’ve ever felt like your doctor isn’t listening to you, this article may explain why.

It seems that no matter how well intentioned a medical student is at the start of their training, they lose empathy along the way.

Why? It might have something to do with their intense work load. The stress of residency creates mental trauma. And that can persist even after school.

That trauma shows up as a lack of empathy. And empathy has measurable effects. Doctors who lack it have patients who don’t respond as well to treatment. Yes, it is that important.

Green Med Info has the details. See the article here.

Your Medical Detective
Macular Degeneration? It’s Curable

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the biggest cause of blindness.

There are two kinds, wet and dry. Wet is worse, but either can cause loss of vision.

But there is a simple way to halt this process. It is based on the fact that MD and other vision problems happen with low levels of two nutrients.

What are they? Lutein and zeaxanthin.

These two are found in dark green leafy vegetables. By increasing spinach and similar veggies in your diet, you can improve your vision. In fact, 71% of people in one study did just that.

Learn more about this important information here.

Will Eating Meat Really Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease?

Here is another take on the recent study damning red meat.

If you read the article in last week’s issue, you are already familiar with the study. If not, the study in question found gut microbes created TMAO from carnitine in meat.

But the study was very flawed. And the conclusions drawn by the researchers are equally bad.

There are too many ways this was a bad study to mention here. But as an example, it was done with only 6 participants. That is way too few to make it meaningful.

Get more details on Mercola’s site here.

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Dr. Bruce

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